CRKT M16-02 flipper

I have a large M16 (the 04) which has the "flipper" extension on the blade. I love the ability to deploy it so quickly, but it is too large to carry to work. So, I want an 02 with the flipper (CRKT now produces).

But, with less blade mass, I wouldn't expect this one to work as well as the big 04. Do any of you have experience with the M16-02 flipper? Do you share my opinion that the "flipper" is a better way to deploy the blade?

I bought three CRKT M16s recently: M16-14, M16-04, and M16-02Z. I agree with you that the "Carson Flipper" is an excellent way to deploy the blade very quickly. The aluminum M16s have only one steel liner, which also serves as the liner lock. The strength of the aluminum handles makes this possible. The Zytel versions have two steel liners, because the Zytel is not as durable as aluminum. This makes the Zytel versions a tad thicker. Anyway, back to your original question, my M16-02Z deploys as quickly as my large M16s. It doesn't fly out of my hand when deployed. (I mentioned about the thickness of the Zytel versions because I prefer the thinner feel of the aluminum ones. I guess I need to buy an aluminum M16-02 or M16-12...)
Feb 29, 2000
The M16-02,12 and 03,13s will not be released until the remaining stock of M16's are depleted. That could be a while. If you want a small M16 with flipper call Mike Payne. He has a supply of the new Police and Military versions due to arrive in August. They will have black blades and OD or Cobalt blue handles. There only 500 of each made on a trial basis. They will also feature special blade etching and packaging.
The only thing I dont like is that darn micro thin liner lock I wouldnt trust that knife oh no boy!
Yes, Edge, you are smart in NOt trusting that thin liner. One of the M16's i had would fold up with just the slightest hit. Yet anothere one had the opposite problem of sticking with just the slightest flick. I wasnt impressed with the M16
Yeah- my M16-14's lock sticks every time I flip it open -it's kind of thin and weak looking, too. The knife makes up for it's deficiencies with the high quality flipper deployment, though.
Thanks for the input folks. My 04 liner stuck really badly when it was new. But it has since broken in nicely and performs great. I suspect that the tool (i.e. LASER) marks offer enough roughness to allow a kind of "galling" to happen at first. I'll load the liner up sometime and let you know how it goes.

After I started this thread, I found out from CRKT that the flipper 02's will not be available until existing 02 stock is gone.