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CRKT M16-04/M16-14: thoughts on my previous posts after some informations.

Mar 29, 1999
As someone could remember, I posted some concerns about the strenght of the handle of M16-04/M16-14, because I was impressed by the big holes in the handle and the fact it was designed in Titanium by Mr. Kit Carson and made in Aluminium in this release.

My opinion was the handle could be broken during cutting something hard, because all the tensile stress would be exerted on the lower part of the handle, where the thumb studs stop when the knife is closed.

I received some informations from CRKT, from Mr. Bremer and Mr. Gillespie themselves. These informations were no technical about the 6061 T6 alloy, but calmed me down. I have to say Mr. Bremer and Mr. Gillespie are very kind and fine men.

After this, I found some technical data on alloys in the site of Capral Aluminium (www.capral-aluminium.com.au/alloys/index.html). I discovered the tensile and yield strenght, ductility and corrosion resistance of 6061 T6 and many other alloys. If I am not wrong, the tensile strenght is 290 Mpa, i.e. 42000 pounds/square inch.

After this, I think the nearest hole to the pivot in the handle could be a little smaller, just to calm down some psychotic people like me, and make the handle bomb-proof, but IMHO you cannot exert WITHOUT ABUSING YOUR KNIFE a load enough to break that part of the handle.

I am planning to put some number togheter about this, I will post the results if you like.

Rest assured that any of the Al, Ti, alloy and steel handle materials will not break except under the most abusive of uses(pot-metal cheapies will fail). Polymer and polymer/composite materials may deform and/or break, but again usually only with abuse. The fiber/epoxy composits, G-10, C-fiber,etc., are subject to brittle failure but require considerable abuse to snap. Unsupported polymer handle materials are the least reliable, but are usually only used for light duty knives.

The short version is that most pivots or blades will fail well before the handle materials.

Take care,