CRKT M16-04 super flick

Jun 27, 1999
I have been playing with SOMEOTHER members idea on opening the M16 without using wrist motion and I am passing along my 2 cents. If you have an M16 first try pulling down on flick lever with right hand first finger while holding blade in with edge of right thumb. Release right thumb and blade snaps open (with a bit of practice). I have found for me right finger should push as far out on the flicker as possible and thmb some where between 1st & 2nd hole down on flicker. Now the good part- after a while you can pick up knife and squeeze both finger and thumb in the time it takes to say FLIC and the knife opens instantly. I mean you can pull from pocket and open as fast as AUTO. The actual squeeze is started with right finger but the thumb releases so soon behind that it is just one quick squeeze. Also theree is no "get ready" just pick up flic and open with no wrist or arm motion. Tough to explain but wayyyy cool. If your blade pivot is too tight loosen with Reg screw driver should still be tight so no side play in blade. GOOD LUCK