CRKT M16-13Z Ain't half bad!!!

Aug 16, 2000
While perusing my local sporting goods emporium, I happened upon the CRKT M16-13Z.

Awful nice knife for 29 bucks! Yeah yeah, I know, the AUS 6 steel ain't the best, but what the hell. I know how to sharpen a knife, and if it wears out, 29 dollars is not a huge investment.

I used Mother's Mag Wheel Polish to get rid of the bead blast finish and then I Tuff Glided the hell out of it. Looks better with a polished blade and it shouldn't have the problem with surface rusting that bead blasted blades can have.

I really like the "flipper". Pull down with my index finger and slightly flick my wrist and "snap", it's open and ready to work.

A refreshing change from my usual stuff, that cost more and I'm always afraid of losing, this is a real nice knife for the money.

I haven't seen the CRKT version yet, but I thought I'd respond anyhoooo....

I was at the Las Vegas Custom Knife Show this past weekend, and I met with Kit Carson. He'd sold mostly everything by the time I arrived, but he showed me the prototype he'd made for CRKT.

WOW!! I was trying to figure out a way to steal it from him, but he wouldn't fall for the "Look! A baby wolf!" distraction. Since he had it in his pocket, that made any attempt at gaining the blade a risk indeed.... I suppose I could've had Lorena Bobbitski talk him outta his pants, but I really like the guy, and I'd hate to do that to him!

Anyways, the prototype he showed me was one of the nicest customs I'd ever handled. I'm sure CRKT did a decent job at producing it, or Kit would've complained.
At $29.95, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better value.

Searching the net for the architect's plans of Kit's house on the net,
I remain,
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WOW!! A VG sighting!

I also have an early M-16. (knife content)

VG, when you find the drawings, let me know...Kit still hasn't sent me a knife he said he had on hold for me!
I'll drive if you promise to leave Lorena behind...

I sent you an email. Sorry
After I heard that either Vampire Gerbil or Lorenna were going to be at the Las Vegas show, I couldn't think of anything else. The chance of meeting Lorenna was so exciting. I couldn't even talk to Ed McMahan when he showed up with that big check. Just the thought of it.........then Vampire suddenly appeared in front of my table. Such a let down