CRKT M16-14M

Jun 26, 2000
Just recieved a CRKT M16-14M to play with while waiting for Carson to make a custom M16 for me. The CRKT knife is one of the best manufactured folders as far as fit and finish are concerned. It almost looks custom except for the uneven 1* labeling and the slightly uneven grind on the secondary bevel. The black coating on the blade and green coating on the handle look great. The knife will not deploy from the closed position with a wrist snap, yet the action is so smooth that the flipper easily deploys the blade in one flip! The dual thumb studs offer an easy opening alternative. The recess for the liner lock and the flipper offer a great hand hold for your index finger and the long handle fits my hand like a glove. The drilled aluminum handle is very comfotable and looks great. There is only one liner. I will report back on cutting tests when I am done. For a street price of about $58US this knife can't be beat. The only thing diffreent I would like to see is a plain blade although the serrations used are not very large. It does come in two smaller sizes for those who don't like a large folder or who have legal requirements on blade lenght.
I have had one for about six weeks and think it is a great knife!! I don't like tantos so i rounded the belly of the blade and put a new edge on it. I have really put it through it's paces. It has NO blade damage, no coating damage, no blade play and other than the new profile you would think it is brand new! Great knife for the money!!
Medications are a wonderful thing!

Last night as I was giving my standard CRKT M16-14 an overdue cleanup, I either realized or remembered -- pretty sure it was remembered -- that one of the things I like most about the flipper, is that with one's forefinger braced up against it, even if lock fails, flipper should prevent much harm to finger.

I like the feel of my CRKT C/KFF better than the M16, but I keep returning to the M16 because I can put it into play so much quicker.