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CRKT M16 or M21???

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by savageman, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. savageman


    May 27, 2005
    I am trying to decide between these two folders. As far as I can tell the only difference is a tanto style blade (M16) or a deep bellied spear point (M21). I know I want the larger "Big Dog" version with a combo edge. It would be used for Camping, Hiking and Canoeing or other chores encountered in these situations. Which blade style is better for these multi purpose uses??
  2. paulwesley


    Sep 5, 2005
    I have the m16-10k edc (tanto) and i really like it alot. i've had 2 other m16s and they were pretty trouble free. For the money (dont pay retail) they are a good deal. I have the tanto blade just because i like tantos. Your'e probably better off with the standard blade.
  3. heathah


    Apr 26, 2005
    I have a M16-13 and a M21-14.

    I have to admit that I like the M21 better than the M16. In particular, I like the deep bellied blade on the M21. Also, I really don't like tantos, which the larger M16s seem to have. The M16-13 is also a good knife but it is smaller and slimmer than the M21-14. If you like tantos, one of the M16s would be an excellent choice. If you like spear points, I'd go with one of the larger M21s. If you go with a M16, I'd make sure to get one with an aluminum handle.

    Just my $.02, spend it how you like. :D
  4. Gryffin


    Dec 27, 2004
    I have both an M16-14* and an M21-04, and I agree with you. That M21 blade is much more useful, and the way it's ground, nearly as strong at the tip. I think my M16 is getting retired in favor of the M21!

    Especially since the Zytel-handled ones use really crappy steel (AUS-4) now.:thumbdn: The M16 aluminum and the M21s still use AUS-8.:thumbup:

    (* also an M16-02Z "Little Bulldog" tanto from before they went to AUS-4, one of the original sans-LAWKS sans-flipper M16-13 spearpoints, an M16-13M "1*" Military with black-coated blade, a limited edition M16-01K with carbon-fiber scales, and used to have an M16-04Z that I lost somewhere in the woods of Sussex County NJ. Yeah, I like my M16s!! :D )
  5. Artfully Martial

    Artfully Martial

    Jun 8, 2005
    I think the M16 looks better, and use mine all the time, but blades with a "bump" or recurve slice extremely well.
  6. paulwesley


    Sep 5, 2005
    yea be sure you get the alum handles..they have aus8 steel...zytel handles have aus4
  7. Chett


    Apr 28, 2005
    I had a m-16 with a tanto blade and I did like it alot, it held up to heavy abuse well but I like the looks of the m-21 although ive never owned one.
  8. WarRaven


    Jul 2, 2005
    In my city, the dealer had most of Kits flipper styles in stock.
    I tried them all, and settled on the M21-02, the bigger one was, just too big and the 02 felt good in hand an pocket.

    Good steel,nice handle, great flipper, ok locking system.

    Overall, a steal for what i paid for it.

    Btw, Fit an finish are quite good for the knives aswell, not one i felt that day at the dealer felt or looked bad at all, all were centered an locked up well.

  9. savageman


    May 27, 2005
    Thanks alot guys!! I finally ordered a M21-14 with the serrations. I like the larger size for outdoor use when Camping and Hiking. I will save the EDC size for a nice Ka-Bar Dozier folder. This will be my first CRKT, and I like the idea of aluminum handles rather than plastic like the Spyderco's. Thanks for the help gent's!!!

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