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Oct 3, 1998
I saw an ad for what I think is called the M16 from CRKT. It looks neat, but I can't find it anywhere on the web. Has anyone seen/held it?


Does CRK&T have a web site?? Just wondering. Guess I'll have to check the links section.
Fellas - CRKT does not have a website. Hopefully they will like everyone else

The M16's are great knives. Frankly, I don't see how they can have such good quality knives for such low prices
I examined the three prototypes they had at SHOT and I couldn't find anything wrong with them! Kit told me that he is very happy with them and that they were very well received by those who saw and held them. I'm looking forwad to getting the large tanto in this series! The M16's, along with some new additions to Jim Hammond's Mirages, make CRKT the company to watch in '99 IMHO.

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You can see pics of the M16 right here on bladeforums. Cut and paste this link.


find the pics marked M1602.jpg and so on.

Blue Skies,

It's like some kid gets drafted in the 10th
round and goes on to make rookie of the year.
Everyone wonders how all the scouts missed
him.So it is with Kit Carson and the M16.
So far,those are the most attractive designs
I have seen in a long time.Sure winners that
will leave some of the big boys wondering
how this one got by them.
FYI, CRKT just launched their Web site. The M16 is at http://www.crkt.com/crkt/m16.htm

What a pretty knife, I just hope that is a gem like the Mirage, and not a lemon like the Apache. Has anyone played with one yet?



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Dang Double post, I swear I hit it only once...

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I was fortunate to speak with Kit at the SHOT SHOW and see his work with the production companies.

These are fantastic knives for the price, at least the ones I saw. I am looking forward to getting them in because people will buy these once they pick them up and play with them. Think value, these aren't custom pieces, just great values.

On the model with the "flipper" where does the "flipper" sit when the blade is closed?? Also are they liner locks or a sebenza type lock.
CRKT has its' new website up, try www.crkt.com.
It also has dynamic links to its' on-line store in California...and I believe they take direct orders on-line too.
I bit the bullet and ordered the small, clip point M-16...should be a nice pocket carrier that won't leave its owner freaked if it gets nicked up by pocket change or keys.
Hate when that happens to my Sebenzas!!!

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