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CRKT Mirage 6703 as daily pocketknife?

Discussion in 'Blade Discussion Forum Archive' started by Ben1, Dec 5, 1999.

  1. Ben1


    Nov 20, 1999
    I´m looking for a good and inexpensive pocket clipknife, and I´m leaning towards a CRKT Mirage 6703 with 9 cm blade. Is it comfortable to wear cliped in a trouser pocket? I have to buy the knife on mailorder and don´t have a chance to handle it first, so your opinions would be highly appreciated.

  2. JakeP


    Jul 29, 1999
    The Mirage is a good/inexpensive knife. What are you going to be doing with the knife? Keep in mind that some knives don't stand up well as heavy work knives.

  3. James Y

    James Y

    Feb 18, 1999
    I have both the regular sized and the mini-Mirage knives. They are excellent quality and a good value for the money. I would recommend to stick with a plain edge version.
    I'm not sure this particular knife would be ideal for daily heavy-duty work. It is ground very thin and sharp, and the false edge on the back makes the blade even thinner at the tip. Therefore, IMHO, the Mirage works best as a light to moderate-use knife.

    As far as carry comfort, it is comfortable to carry. One thing is when you withdraw the regular-sized model (3.5-inch blade) from your pocket, you should twist slightly counterclockwise so the thumb studs will not catch on your pocket material. Other than that, it carries like a charm and deploys smoothly.

    If you are considering a CRKT knife for harder use, you may also want to check out the M-16 models too.

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