CRKT Mirage Gray Ghost

Nov 2, 1999
I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this knife out. I have a KISS folder with the tanto tip and am overall happy with it and thought I'd go with CRKT again. I like the looks of the ghost but over the net that's all I know. Any info will be appreciated.
I had one and used it pretty hard for a few months. The blade only required routine touch-ups for edge retention, and still locked up very solidly. There was 0 blade-play in all directions. My only complaint was the basically "straight" handle-blade configuration. Not that it hindered its usability at all; but I prefer some curvatures in a knife's basic design: be it in the blade, handle, or both. While contributing to simple ergonomics, it can also aid in cutting performance (e.g. the Wegner or BM 750). So I sold my Gray Ghost, but for no terribly important reason. The buyer carries it every day and loves it.
I have my Mirage Gray Ghost with 3,5" partially serrated blade longer than year and it is one of my favorites among tactical folders. It's strong points:
  • Very strong handle with aluminum scales supported with double steel liners.
  • Elegant shape and finish, it is my wife's all time favorite. Like all women she evaluates all my knives from visual appearance standpoint only and she said me considerably - Gray Ghost is the most elegant among your folding knives.
  • Flawless execution quality.
  • Straight blade-handle shape and penetrative spear point blade are very good for fast straight stabbing - the best defensive techniques in my honest opinion.
  • Comfortable and secure grip, locking liner with limited access eliminates the possibility of unintended disengaging.
  • Gray non-glare pocket clip is almost invisible on most kind of clothing. It is more discreet than either black or polished steel clip.
  • The action is very smooth, it is one of the very smoothest actions among my folders.
  • Very strong and reliable lock up, it passed all my spin whack tests flawlessly.
To be objective and reliable I must to mention also some features which I can't to consider as the drawbacks but I like them less:
  • This knife is somewhat overweighed in my opinion.
  • AUS-8 blade doesn't hold edge as well as for ex. ATS-34. However it is quite adequate in this price range and strong enough for tactical and everyday use.
Considerations: you definitely can't to go wrong with this knife. And you can't find more knife for this money. If you like how it looks try to handle it. And if you like how it handles - buy it and enjoy!

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland

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The new Titanium framelock Mirage takes the series to a new level. It has a 2.5" blade, open titanium frame construction, ACUTO 440 stainless blade (CRKT's top of the line steel), and weighs only 1.4 ounces. The titanium frame has a subdued burnished gold finish with a royal blue laser cut logo. The clip has a contrasting silver finish with a clear teflon coating. Definitely a sweet little knife. Your wife may especially like this one. Enjoyed reading your comments on the knife.

I saw and handled new Mirage Titanium at IWA'2000 gun show. Rod Bremer showed me all CRKT news for 2000. I was somewhat prepared how they look because Rod sent me new catalog and photo-CD some weeks before IWA. But one thing is to see photos and completele another - to handle live knife. I was impressed very much, mostly with Mirage Titanium. It looks nicely at photos but in live piece it is much more impressive.
Your Mirage Titanium is really one of the sweetest gentleman's knives I whenever saw. It also could be very nice lady's knife - who said ladies might use scissors only?

I would be happy to review here this sweet little one as soon as it could be available.

BTW, what would you think about Mirage Black Ghost with G-10 handle and black teflon coated blade (ACUTO 440 or VG-10 for example)?

Thank you for nice designs

Mr. Hammond,

(my first post...and to a famous knifemaker yet!)

I carry the smaller GG Wharncliffe to work every day...a great value! My dream was that it could be made with a better steel...and a bit smaller. It seems that my dream may have come true.
Now the question ACUTO 440 actually better? I have never heard of it, and my searches come up with nothing. Do you have any information? Is it a proprietary steel, or something that is known under another name? Any clues, pointers?
I know you are not the manufacturer but, any help would be great!

Thanks, Steve-O

Originally posted by Jim Hammond:
The new Titanium framelock Mirage takes the series to a new level. It has a 2.5" blade, open titanium frame construction, ACUTO 440 stainless blade (CRKT's top of the line steel), and weighs only 1.4 ounces.
So is the new titanium frame-lock model on the market? I can only find the aluminum and frg handle models at 1sks and knifecenter.

I am definitely interested in this. Nice.


I have had a Gray Ghost for almost a year. In fact, it was the first knife I bought as an "addict". I studied production folders for a month before purchasing this one. I was and have been very, very pleased with the looks, function and quality.

I agree with everything Sergiusz said. I saw the titanium version at the show and feel it is too small for me personally (big hands). I have the 3" blade version and it makes a nice everyday carry.

I don't think the titanium version is out yet...I've been waiting on it since LAST fall when Jim and I exchanged a few emails and he told me then. I hope that it is still as Jim ano, but I know how things change. Anybody seen the production version?

I like Sergiusz suggestion of a Black Ghost...say Jim are you listening? I'd buy in.

I have another about one of those titanium models with a wharncliffe blade? Be a great little gentlemen's utility knife.

I really like this model/design.

Jeff Jenness
After being nearly arrested in England for my Mini AFCK (which was confiscated), the CKRT Ghost was the first knife that I found in Europe for a reasonable price. It is really an excellent knife for the price. I really don't know how CKRT makes such good knives so inexpensively. I have several customs that cost ten times as much and more, and while they are worth it in my mind, they are not really 10 times better in terms of pure knife function.

Cameron Reddy
CR, you are lucky chap that you had not full sized AFCK. In this case you probably would be sentenced to gallows directly
England is well known for their handgun obsession, but to confiscate folder with 3,25" long blade - it is exaggeration, probably LEO's liked your AFCK
Knives in Europe are so expensive...

Returning to CRKT knives - they are unbeatable in quality/price competition. You are quite right, for pure knife function nothing more is required.

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jeffj- All the net sites say 'bead blasted', and no one has them as of 3:00PM central.

I hope that it is still as Jim ano, but I know how things change.

Damn, the ano would be so pretty...

I like Sergiusz suggestion of a Black Ghost...say Jim are you listening? I'd buy in.

I second that!

I have another about one of those titanium models with a wharncliffe blade?

A definate second!!! I might even buy a couple.

SM - You are correct, nothing more is required.

Steve-O, Jeffj, and all,

Thanks for your interest on the new Titanium Mirage. Haven't stopped in for a while so let me catch up and answer what I can for you on your questions.

Steve-O, the Acuto 440 is produced by Iuchi in Japan. The steel has 18% chromium (excellent corrosion protection), 1.5% moly and .25% vanadium (high tensile strength with increased impact strength)with a working production hardness of Rc 59-60. In the saltwater immersion test that were done on it, I was told the blades came up clean after several days in the salt. That was pretty incredible (However, I would like to test that one myself just to be sure on the results). With its better working qualities and hardness, it should prove to be an outstanding steel. I haven't ground it myself to experience it first hand but simply sizing it up from the numbers and the tests run on it by the company.

The most recent word I received from CRKT on delivery for the Titanium Mirage was "late June" (I would say July would be more reasonable but that's only my opinion based upon the delays that have occurred.). I've been holding my breath so long on this one I've turned from blue to shades of purple.

The soft burnished gold finish with the rich blue laser cut logos is still supposed to be standard. The blade has a very fine bead blast finish for a nice compliment.

Black Ghost--sure works for me! You don't have to try and convince me, just the "powers that be" out at headquarters.

As far as a Wharncliffe blade, that was designed for it too. I refuse to hold my breath waiting on this one as I don't know what shade comes after purple.
I have some of the Wharncliffe blades cut out for my own custom Titanium frame Mirage and it does look really cool in the small size frame.

If you have any other question, let me know.

Jim Hammond

A Mirage Titanium Wharncliffe! What a wonderful idea.

I'd get one immmediately if CRKT decides to make them, even if I have to pay full retail at my local dealer. My GG Wharncliffe is one of my favorites, but I find myself not using the clip since it rips the hell out my pockets. That smaller, titanium one would be perfect to just carry in a pocket rather than clipped...