CRKT Mirage Grey Ghost

Jul 17, 1999
With all the well-deserved attention paid to the Carson CRKT models, has anyone else noticed the Mirage Grey Ghost series? I have one, and another on order. Aside from being classically beautiful, it is smooth as silk and scary sharp from the factory. I'm not qualified to discuss its engineering, but this may be the sleeper liner lock of the year. I recommend a good look.

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I've had an opportunity to play around with the Grey Ghost Mirages once and, like the M16 Carsons, I'm very impressed with the overall quality and feel of the Grey Ghost. Add to the its quite a looker too. As far as engineering goes, you might be interested in reading about the <a href="">design philosophy</a> behind the Mirages from Jim Hammond himself.

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I own several, one with a Wharncliffe blade, and like them all. I think the Grey Ghost was overshadowed with the introduction of the Carson-designed folders. Does anybody know when they will come out with the "small" version of these folders? I've seen several times a 3.5"(folded) size was to be coming out. I'm also curious if the small size will have a Wharncliffe version in the Grey Ghost line.
Jeff, if it has a Wharncliffe blade, I'll be the first in line to buy the small one too!(my large Wharncliffe is supposed to be here tomorrow!)

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The new small size Mirage is in the works. Jeff, the 3.5" (closed) size you spoke of will have a 2.5" blade.

I first designed these having similar construction make-up to the existing models, with the exception of titanium liners, etc. To make my custom version different, I designed a titanium frame-lock style instead. However, the company changed and wanted to do theirs like I was planning for my custom series so I agreed and redesigned it for them.

The new gentleman's Mirage will have an open frame, titanium frame-lock make up. I designed it to have both the standard as well as the Wharncliffe blades. Haven't heard lately how it's progressing but I would expect it to be out around SHOT Show time (or before) if all goes as planned.

There's something else under wraps regarding the Mirage that can't be discussed yet, but if it works out Dexter will be one of the first to know. Oh, why not, I'll just go ahead and let you in on the secret now. What it will have is a really cool...

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To quote mr Hammond:

"The new gentleman's Mirage will have an open frame, titanium frame-lock make up. I designed it to have both the standard as well as the Wharncliffe blades."

Mr Mattis, this sounds like the "Advanced Folding Paring Knife", don't you think?

I do hope it will come soon.

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Got my new Wharncliffe model #7832 yesterday.At 7"OAL with a 3" blade, it is quite a bit smaller than my drop point model #7803 at 8 1/2"OAL with a 3 3/4" blade.The new one is just as good looking as the other, and perfect for the pocket if I can just find a driver the right size to take off the damned "pocket clip".A pet peeve of mine, putting a clip on everything with an edge, whether it needs one or not.Anyhow, the Wharncliffe is mighty sweet and wickedly sharp.Got it from Bayou Lafourche Knife Works ( at what I feel was a good price.Ordered on friday, received it on monday!

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I will certainly be the first customer for a couple of those "Gentleman's" Mirage with a Wharnecliffe blade. I've been waiting for such a pocket knife.


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Great lunch! Sorry you couldn't join me. Back to your question about the Mirage, the key feature will be a never before incorporated th...

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C'mon Hammond, I know you're sneaking out to the glider port and just pretending to eat lunch.

Your Mirage is one of my favorite carry knives. I even got a "good 'ol boy" that hates one hand openers carrying one and he loves it.

Take care and I guess I'll see ya at SHOT.

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(thanks, Bob)

Jim, what kind of steel do these new "gentleman" knives have? And are you telling me that these little beauties will have a titanium frame lock?


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At this point in the project, the call on the steel choice has not be finalized.

A titanium frame lock design was what was requested and what I designed for this project. It's a definite shift from the current Mirage styling but a fine compliment--same lines, same accents but with a different flair. Simply more choices, features and options for the customer to choose from in this CRKT series.

Hey Jim,

Would you put up a picture of your version of the Wharncliffe model of this new knife so that we can drool until they come into production? Is that possible? Have you heard any more about them coming closer to production?


Unfortunately, my Wharncliffe Mirage you asked about will have to stay a mystery for a while longer. Haven't gotten the blades ground yet. Finishing up the minor tweaks on the frame work and will be grinding the blades for these in about a month. Just ground 179 folder blades in one batch for some other new models but I designed this latest model after these were already in the works.
No new update from CRKT as to status on their version's progress at this time.

I just bought one of the small Mirage's with a PS blade. I have to say that I really love it. My normal carry is a Spyderco Wenger JR PS but as much as I love that knife, there are too many serrations for me. A few less would have been perfect.

2 Complaints: (1) the ambidextrous thumb stud is a pain. No way to lose it I think. The stud on the clip side catches on the seem of my pants pocket when I try to remove it. A simple twist, though, seems to deal with it. (2) I had to Dremel a recess to more easily access the thumbstud for easy opening.

Otherwise, this looks like an incredible deal. I bought mine for under $29 at a local sporting goods store.


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