CRKT Mirage - Serrated or Plain?

Jan 3, 1999
I'm looking at buying either the small Mirage or small Apache. My question is are the serrations angled on both sides of the blade or is one side flat (like the Leatherman Wave?) Does anyone have any comments on the serrations? They look small in the picture.
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The serrations are on one side. Whether you need them or not is a matter of what you are going to use the knife for. If you are going to cut lots of fibrous objects, cutting open cardboard boxes, and possibly going to go extended periods without sharpening...get the serrated. Otherwise, get the plain edge. I like the Mirage serrations because they (as I recall) were of a convex pattern. The Mirage that my mother now has is a partially serrated model, and it suits her well, but I think that the smaller model would suffer more than gain from having a 50/50 blade.

Have fun with your Mirage, I am sure you will not be disappointed with it



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