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CRKT Mirage Serrations

Jan 3, 1999
I just received a serrated Mirage. I love the knife, but am bothered by the fact that it does not seem very sharp. My Leatherman Wave has a serrated edge that has deeper serrations and is very sharp. CRKT describes the serrations as "a unique serration pattern designed for maximum durability and cutting power." The Mirage feels sharp when I drag my finger across the blade, but does not cut near as well as the Wave. Could it be that the Mirage is sacrificing sharpness for durability? I'm new at this and do not have much experience. Any input would be appreciated.
The Mirage has what are known as convex serrations, that instead of being "hollow" in like a spyderco serration, they curve outward. They do not seem to exhibit the aggressive tendencies of concave serrations.

That and I have learned to take CRKT's marketing hype with a grain of salt. I think that they are sacrificing sharpness for the sake of being different. I have a stiff kiss with the same serrationsm and they do not seem to be advantageous in any way I have seen. Not much more aggressive than the plain edge.



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My only complaint with my first mirage would be the serrations -- more decoraction than anything else. I bought my second mirage straight edge. I now have a knife that can cut effectively along the whole edge...

I bought both and found I prefer straight. Needed a little sharpening, which was easily done. Has held up real well with just normal cleaning and occasional edge touchup.

The serrated one does look kind of cool, but I prefer function over form. Different stokes for different folks.