crkt mirage wharncliffe size??


Sep 20, 2000
hey guys, is the size of the crkt mirage wharncliffe practical or is it too small???
I bought one when they first came on the market. I thought it was a great all around pocket knife. My only reason for giving it up was that I wanted a larger blade for field work and had a low blade budget at the time. I ended up trading a guy for a Carson designed m16-04 tanto.
There is no way it is to small! The wharncliffe may look small but the variety of things you can do with it is enormous. That is one of the sharpest knife I've had. My four favorite knives are the Mirage wharncliffe, the Columbia River Pointgaurd, the Benchmade AFCK, and the Ka-Bar with D2 steel. But I think the wharncliffe is the perfect size.

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Nah, it's not too small. Leaves plenty of room in your pocket & basically disappears there

While using it, I haven't found myself wanting/needing the extra inch (or so) that my other folders have.
Yesterday I used it to slice greenbeans and garlic. Talk about thin slivers of garlic!!!
It is definately more sheeple friendly too.
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