CRKT Mirage - Zytel Model 6703

Nov 15, 1998
Paul Gillespie just sent me the New Mirage in Zytel, man is it nice. I had recently seen the aluminum version when I met with Paul early last month. The production is top notch, the fit is next to perfect, no slop in the lock or blade at all. The knife flows very well, hands off to Jim Hammond. It has dual thumb studs and the clip does not bother your hand, it seems to be placed just right not to interfer with your grip.
The Blade is 3.5 inches long with overall length of the knife at approximately 8.5 inches. It is polished with a double grind, false top edge.
I will let you know the how the performance testing goes.

Initial Success or Total Failure

Blue Skies

Hi Rob - thanks for posting your impressions of the Mirage. CRKT also sent me a Mirage for an upcoming review. I too share your comments and observations about these knives. Now, when I hear the words "knife" and "made in Taiwan", I no longer cringe
Now that I have seen the Mirages, I am really looking forward to seeing the new stuff that CRKT has in the works!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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I just received the aluminum handle model for
my son as a Christmas gift. It almost never made it under the tree ,except for my better half.
I thought it was a great knife for the price.
Felt solid and looks great. Would make a good carry for around the office.
Will have to wait and see how it handles.