crkt mirage

Jul 14, 2000
i never even thought about buying one until i saw ag russell had em for about half off.i went to their showroom yesterday and picked up the smaller sized one,part serrated,wharncliff blade.

i was surprised.i was looking it over and i cant find anything wrong with it.locks up real tight,no play or anything. little sucker is SHARP too.would shave the hair off my arm,cut up some 12 packs cases and paper, still shaves good.even the little recesses in the micro serrations are sharp.very impressive for 20 bucks.mmmmm.i love crkt.
last friday i got a stiff kiss for 20 bucks prolly a crwford kasper folder.or s sog pentagon elite.

i highly recommend this knife.
Great knife. I've got the plain edge Wharncliffe. You're right, Maurice. Can't find anything wrong, cuts like a dream, and costs $20. I'm surprised more folks don't sing its praises.

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Agree totally. The CRKT line offers some truly well-made folders at a fantastic price. So far I've got their Urban Shark, Mirage GG, and Pointguard which have all turned out to be great knives.

Andrew Limsk

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I love my Grey Ghost too. I like the proportions of the small one much better. The large one looks like all dimensions of the small one were multiplied by 1.15 and it's not as graceful.

I've got a Titanium Mirage, and it's a great little knife. No visible flaws that I can come up with at all.

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Yes sir Maurice,
That CRKT Mirage is one sweet little knife.

I still can't believe that it only goes for about $25.00.

It's got to be about the best value out there.

And sharp????
That's one of the sharpest knives I've ever handled!!!

--The Raptor--

PS-And if you out there reading this.......Thanks again Roger (Mr.Bayou) for my Mirage!!!

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i agree actually wondering how they are making this knife for so little money.its incredible.some of the pos knick offs cost more than this knife.amazing...and sharp.