CRKT Point Guard and Planes?

Jan 18, 2000
I am looking at purchasing one of the small sized CRKT Point Guards as a new travel knife.

What have been your airline experiences with this knife? Is it airline "friendly"?

I never carried one on a plane but I guess that if you get the plain edge small model it won't cause much of a fuss.
I'd seriously doubt you'd have a problem bringing that knife on a plane, provided it was plain edge.

At first I liked the knife, but after a while, it kinda wore out on me. After having it a while, I found I've only carried it maybe twice. The knife is just puny for me and I don't even have large hands. I also found it is hard to open unless you push on the disk perfectly straight out. Another formite explained how it continually failed the spine whack test and he eventually snapped it in anger.
The locking liner is very thin and seems very weak.

Overall I don't recommend this knife, but maybe other formites have different opinions.


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I carry a small one every day to work. First one I got was a lemon - closed up with a finger tap on the spine. This one locks solid - plus the LAWKS for extra measure. I have large hands, and it is small and not real smooth to open - but the bead blasted plain edge is very innocuous for office use. I relpaced a serrated Delica that I used to take to work (sheepy IT area). I haven't used it on a plane yet, but I imagine it would be fine.

BTW, I have taken a Delica and multi-tool on planes in my carry-on. I always take a daypack for "stuff" - cameras, paperback book, diagonal cutter for cutting tiewraps off my checked luggage, hat, etc. I put my 'tools' in there, never a look.
I agree, plain edge should not be a problem. My "airplane travel" carry knife is the small point guard, been on at least 25 flights no questions. I have had to open it several times though ( i guess to see if it was equiped with airplane shredding serrations). But it gets sidelined for my BM Stryker for everyday carry.