CRKT Point Guard: First Impressions

Feb 18, 1999
I got the full-sized one yesterday, plain edge.
First off, the liners on this one are nice and thick. The thickness of the locking liner, plus a good-sized ball dedent, ensure strong lockup and a solit closure.
The LAWKS setup on this model seems IMO to be more comfortable than the one on my small 3" CRKT KFF. In saber grip, keeping the thumb on the serrated portion of handle will ensure the LAWKS lever is out of the way.
This knife has a high hollow grind, yet doesn't feel flimsy. That means it is an efficient slicer. The handle is a bit skeletonized, yet no decrease in strength. The handle just feels right in the hand.

The pocket clip is a bit long, covering the length of over 2/3 of the handle. I would have preferred it a bit shorter, yet it isn't really any problem at all. Also, the thumb ramp leading to the opening disk might have been more easy had it been more pronounced...again, no biggie.

Looks like another winner. This is a real solid value for the $$.
I have found that almost any of the CRKT knives offer excellent value for the money. They are great sellers at the shows and seem to be great popular work knives.

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Mike Payne
I've become a real big fan of the CRKT KFF, and now I'm going to have to buy the Point Guard just to see the difference. OK... I'm rationalizing again

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