CRKT reprofile

May 3, 2001
I just can't live with the one side chisel profile of my CRKT stiff kiss. Sharp as it is.. it "travels" laterally as I make a cut.

I thought about using my Edge-Pro Apex to reprofile, and bevel both sides of the blade. Am I making a big mistake?
Don't try to "reprofile" the blade. Just sharpen it on both sides and you'll be fine!

Not all chisel-ground knives are sharpened on one side only.

Tom Anderson
Hand Crafted Knives
The other thing to consider is that if you use the blade for pocket carry, if you reprofile the blade (it's take forever), and to a small extent eben if you sharpen from both sides, you will move the bevel of the edge away from the frame, so you can potentially cut yourself, clothing, or objects that are in your pocket along with the blade. May cause real damage, or at the very least be annoying.

Dr. Steve Agocs
Thanks, I'm going to go for it.
As feverdoc says, "try's not MY knife".