CRKT Ryan Initial Impression

Mar 8, 2001
Received the CRKT Ryan. Had not spent a lot of time with it yet. I have noticed that when opening the blade with one hand, the blade, opposite to the thumb, is scrapping the liner. I do like the design of the knife.

Ed Woo
That is a tease !

Does it feel large & round in the hand (as it looks) or is it flat ?

Grippy ?

How does that hideous blade-opening stump feel in use ?
I had the privilageto hold and play with one of these at a show. It was through a fellow knife nut that I had access to this new design. I was comfortable in the hand and I love the large thumb stud. The grooves on the liner lock were quite sharp but only when appling a vast amount of pressure to the grip.

All in all I will be getting one of these soon.



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In comparing the CRKT Ryan to the large CRKT Crawford, these are the differences that I have noticed.

The crawford blade is easier to open one-handed because there is more clearance between the stud & the liner/scale. The Ryan takes more effort for me to open.

The Ryan is about 1/8" thinner than the Crawford. The Crawford's AOL is about 1" longer than the Ryan. The grip on the Crawford feels better to me because it fits my hand nicely. The Ryan feels a tad short. The finger cut-out on the Crawford is a little wider so it feels better to me. On the Ryan's finger cut-out, my finger knows & feels the cut-out. I can feel the squarness of the Crawford but it's comfortable to me. The Ryan does feel "round".

The blade clears the liner when opening the Crawford which is not the case with the Ryan. I can hearing the scrapping sound when opening the Ryan which is my biggest complaint right now. The Crawford is still my favorite production folder.

Ed Woo
It feels large, round and very comfy in my hand despite the fact that really it is pretty flat (I have in my mind the ratio between handle width and thickness). Yeah, it's grippy and provides very secure hold.
This "hideous blade-opening stump" (
) really is not so hideous at all and works pretty well when opening. My main complaint is the lack of non-slippery pattern on its top. Alternatively it could have more pronounced hollow surface with aggressive edge around.
About week ago meeting Rod Bremer (CRKT) at IWA'2001 show I discussed this with him and he said they will think on this matter.

BTW, my report on IWA is almost ready and will be published in the nearest days.
I will have one in my hands on Monday. I am also curious about that "thumbstump" as to whether it gets in the way or not. I like to check out most of the new knives that come out, and if the Ryan isn't for me, it will be up for grabs shortly.

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