Jan 2, 2000
I didn't see much mention about this knife on the forums. Nicely looking from the pictures, but it took me a while to decide to get it.

S2 open looks really beautiful. Shapewise it is a bit similiar to CRKT Apache, but looks much more classy.

It's a frame lock (mono lock, integral lock - whatever
) that locks really strong and tightly. No play what so ever. THAT BLADE WHEN LOCKED AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE.

The titanium handle feels great as far as the shape and touch are concerned (at least for my hand

The blade is hollow ground, bead blast finish. What's really nice is that the blade finish almost matches the color of the titanium handle finish.

The pocket clip "melts" in the whole design nicely, not screaming as if it was the most important part of the knife

I only wish the knife was slimmer after it closes. And it's almost 1.5" wide (5mm (0.2") wider than BM Pinnacle for those that handled it). So, if your pocket is tight, it's going to feel like a brick.

The other "little"
minus is that because of the shape of the handle and the lock design it may pinch your palm a little when you thumb-open it.

Overall, I think it is a very nice piece. Classy enough that I'd consider it a dress-up knife for some occassions (a matter of style of course). At the same time it is capable of doing real work. Definitely deserves some attention.

I'd like to hear opinions of others that have it and/or have used it for a while.

I would also like to get some opinions on this please.

Dennis Bible
I just got one from Top of Texas knives. I can't believe this knife hasn't gotten more press here than it has. Definately a sleeper. I am impressed for sure. It is superior to the Benchmade 750's I have seen, in terms of fit and finish. It may not be a sebenza, but the sebenza isn't three times the knife the s-2 is (not to worry, Im wearing flame retardant underwear!)

Dennis Bible

S2 looks really great when open. But don't you think that it feels bulky closed?

But nevertheless, this knife is totally underappreciated.

It is a little bulky when closed. My problem is not necessarily with the length of the handle, more with the width. It seems wider than it needs to be. I am glad I got one. Great knife for the money.

Dennis Bible
Perusing some dealer sites, it appears that this knife is now offered in three sizes. If I'm not wrong, has anyone tried one of the small ones? It's looking quite tempting. Sounds like a nice way for me to satisfy my desire for a cool gentleman's folder while still going with my handle material of choice = titanium.
ISKS's Code-3 list has them. Can't remember the others at the moment. Sorry.
I had an S2, a good knife.

I lost mine before I had owned it a month.

I like every part of it, except the thumb stud. If only Spyderco made a frame lock.

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA

Talonite Fire

"Many are blinded by name and reputation, few see the truth" Lao Tzu
The more I carry mine the more I like it. Rock Solid! Fit and finish are really superb. Better than most BM 750's I have seen. I am glad they are making a variety of sizes. Now if we could just get some decorated.

Dennis Bible
Different sizes? Aren't you guys confusing S2 with another model (Navajo?). (I am too lazy to check my Code-3 list right now. I should be in bed already getting rested before work tomorrow
). CRKT's webpage doesn't know anything about different sizes. They only mention plain blade, partial serration and full serration variations of S2.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind a smaller S2.

Oh, any of you guys got/seen serrated models? All the pictures available show plain blade version. I posted a question regarding pictures of serrated S2s twice and got 0 (zero) responses
- a respected amount for a good "sleeper".

The knife definitely looks well build. But I hadn't have a chance to put mine through a "heavy" use. I have the impression that the nice blasted handle finish would get scratched easily.

Hi all (yep, my first post on the forums)

I 've got the CRKT 2000 product catalog in front of me :
S2 details :
2 sizes : blades 2.50" and 2.87"
and handles accordingly : 3.37" and 4.00"
weight : 1.8 oz and 3.0 oz
both exist in plain and semi-serrated (Spyderco style big/small/small)
=> so 4 versions overall (if no more recent additions are added to the line offcourse)

You guys/ladies know any knife shop that ships to Europe (Belgium) at a reasonable rate ?

Hi Philip,

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Looks like these are smaller than the "old" one. Any pictures?

A couple of questions,

It appears that you can take these knives apart. What is the screw type?

Do they have a rear spacer? Full pr part?

Roger Blake

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On the Knife Center, they list the version with a 4-7/8" handle, model #CR7503. The site posted above lists models #CR7501 and #7502. Looks like there are three sizes out there.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Yup, I believe you're right James. BTW, for those of you who already have the S-2, how well does the titanium resist scratches? I'm almost afraid to take my Spydie Lum out of the box. I hope the S-2 isn't quite that delicate.
Originally posted by Knave:
Yup, I believe you're right James. BTW, for those of you who already have the S-2, how well does the titanium resist scratches? I'm almost afraid to take my Spydie Lum out of the box. I hope the S-2 isn't quite that delicate.

Hate to say that but I am afraid it is.
That's why I use mine as a "semi-dressup" knife. On the other hand, the knife looks bulletproof once you're past scratches on the handle.
The blade is bead blasted, so you can take care of it yourself.