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CRKT Seizure letter

Arthur Washburn

Knifemaker and AMC Freak
Jul 15, 2000
Just thought I'd share a bit of info with you guys.

When the seizure took place I wrote my state (Nevada) senators and representatives. I recieved a reply from Senator Harry Reid who politely told me he didn't give a $hit about what was going on and would let customs deal with it. Today I received a letter from Jim Gibbons one of my Representatives. The following is a direct quote of his reply

"Dear Mr. Washburn,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the seizure of Columbia River Knife & Tool's knives by the U.S. Customs Agency. I appreciate hearing from you and having the Benifit of your perspective.

After speaking with the Legislative Liaison of the U.S. Customs Agency regarding the Seizure Case you mentioned, I was assured that a majority of the knives were released back to the company. There are only a small number of the knives that remain confiscated for furthur reveiw.

Certainly, while the federal government has a responsibility to ensure public safety, it should not do so by placing an undue burden upon citizens, "trying to earn a legal living" as you said. Please know that it will continue to be one of my priorities to make the Federal governmant a smaller, less intrusive and more fiscally responsible entity.

Again thank you for contacting me regarding this important issue. Please feel free to do so again in the future if I can be of service to you.

Jim Gibbions
Member of Congress

A lot of this is probably saying what I want to hear but at least this guy took the time to find out what I was talking about unlike the other a$$wipe.

(note any mispellings are mine not his.)

Arthur D. Washburn
ADW Custom Knives

Thanks for posting his reply.

There is a good article in the current Blade Magazine concerning the Customs seizures.
It's very possible he is sincere. You never know, he might be a closet knifeknut.

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