CRKT small S-2

Mar 25, 1999
<a href=""><img style="margin: 5Px;" src="" align=right alt=""></a>This is a small, light frame lock folder with a proper three finger grip (not more, not less). I got it for its size, weight, relative robustness and better than just OK steel.
<a href=""><img style="margin: 5Px;" src="" align=left alt=""></a>I've not been planning on making it one of the knives I carry regularly, it's supposed to spend most of its time in a bag or backpack, out of the way and almost out of mind, until someone else needs a spare knife or I need a small one with a sharp point. (So I'm going to break my habit and not report on it again in one and twelve months, simply because it's not been used much.)
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Construction is open, which is good as it's not going to be jammed with lint on the bottom of the bag.
The grip is comfortable for the size even when doing more than just light cutting. Traction grooves for the thumb are the right place and feel.
Lockup seems firm and tight, secure when you hold it in your hand, easy to disengage and doesn't feel rough.
There are dual thumbstuds which you get a good grip on.
The clip is useless. Or even worse than useless: The stud on the clip side protrudes so far it gets caught on the pocket. I've had the blade partially come open inside the pocket when cliping it and it's in the way pulling it out too. I had planned on removing the clip anyway, as then the knife is only 8 mm thick, which makes it fit better in some places (and lighter too, 47 g against the 51 g with the clip). If you like and need clips, this isn't the knife for you.

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