Oct 26, 1998
I picked up a STIFF KISS on a whim, and it is a sweet little blade. I like the chisel grind being on the "off" side, and I have screwed the sheath to the back of my night stand. Only twenty bucks, a very good deal on a good back up blade. Anyone else with feedback?
The Stiff Kiss has garnished some well deserved attention as a neat little knife. If you dig around the posts here(the obligatory "use the search function" speach), you will find TONS of info on the Stiff KISS...Maybe even the picture of James Mattis's Hard Wood gripped stiffy.


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It is a good one. I really like mine. Be careful that it doesn't bite you when you pull it out. I've been careful and haven't been bitten yet, but others haven't been so fortunate.

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I own the 1/2 serrated and carried it one day. After coming home, I found one of the Chicago screws came loose and was lost. The clip is nice but the drilled holes in the sheath don't always fit it.

See the old reviews too.
I've had mine for about 5 months I use it as a neck knife. I accept it for what it a $20.00 - $25.00 knfe.