CRKT Tighe Tac

Dec 13, 2000
I just checked out this knife at the local shop and it was buttery smooth. It felt so nice in my hand. I was just wondering how well the AUS 6 performs.
Bass: I'm very interested in the Tighe Tac also.
AUS-6 is a decent steel. Some will jump on it around here, but it is a good workable steel. It will not hold an edge as long as some of the more "exotic" steels, but is is also available at a less "exotic" price.

CKRT is doing a great job of providing top designs at a real good price point.

Go for it and enjoy. Let us know your comments when you get it.

AUS 6 will outperform the stainless steel used in the knives that most people use, such as Schrade and Case knives. I think part of our perception of really poor edge holding with AUS 6 is because of our definition of sharp. To me, 'sharp' means a knife will cleanly shave hair with little pressure. I don't think most people consider that to be possible with a knife. So I guess you have to rate edge holding fairly subjectively. If someone's satisfied for it it's good.
I handled one the other day and was very impressed. I also liked the fact it had a nice satin finish instead of a bead-blast finish. The action was smooth and it felt very comfortable and solid.
Definitely one of the best "gentleman's folders" I've seen in the one-hand operation category.
Allow me to 'jump'. 6M is a poor steel. Simple as that

Well ok it does work and it works better than some, but lets be brutal here. Its cheap and does not hold and edge very well. A steel like ATS-34 will hold an edge about 200% longer than 6M. Put it another way, when testing my 6m blades v my BM 750 Piniccle. I found that the 6m blades were noticably dull while the 750 was still shaving sharp. Same went for my LCC knife in 154CM. Change to D2 and M2 and the edge holding jumps again, then on to CPM 440V and the edgeholding gets so good my Military will still shave after three or four 6m blades are dull as spoons. I kid you not!


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I've got several CRKTs all with blades of AUS-6. Does an acceptable job, mabye a little better than the generic "Stainless Steel" on Brand-X kitchen knives. Edge holding is nowhere near ATS-34 or 154CM but it doesn't, as Bob Loveless says, "cost like the dickens" either which helps with keeping the cost of the knife down.

My CRKT Mirage has a problem with hitting the plastic backspacer which on my knife, soon made a small roll on the edge. By comparison, my Gerber Spectre (154CM) which has the same problem, cut a groove into the black plastic spacer and didn't seem to have dulled the edge much. Hardly a scientific assesment I admit, but does tell a few things.

Anyway, the CRKT Tighe Tac looks like a nice design and I'll probably get one myself.


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Perhaps true about 6M.........remeber tho Bass........$40 for a Tighe Tac(at least that was my deal) and $100- $125 for a Military.

"For the money", you can justify the performance of the 6M steel I think, but it will not perform like the LCC 154CM or the Spyderco Militray 440V.

My .02 here........Red and the General are both customers of mine, so they know I am not trying to dispute their points here, just offer a different observation.

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