CRKT Tighe Tac

Nov 1, 2000
I just got this today and I am impressed. The grind lines are pretty decent and the blade came hair-poppin sharp. The blade was centered after I loosened the pivot screw a little, which also made the blade a little more smooth to open. Due to the SS bolsters, the weight of the knife is concentrated around the pivot, making for some nice flicking action. The blade locks up solidly and engages the tang on the far left. Fit and finish is very good. The knife sits deep in the pocket giving it a more concealed look. I think that this the best folder to come out of CRKT since the M-16 series and considering the price of the custom version, it is a good value. The only things I would change would be a better grade steel and maybe some polished G-10 scales or maybe even carbon fiber.
I understand that Columbia River is filling a certain niche. They do a great job and make great knives for the money. I would like to see them offer some of their knives, like the KFF and Tighe Tac, with better steel and handle material. They did it for the M-16.

Dennis Bible

....Coming soon, The Leading Edge....
I agree. As a percentage of the product cost, how much can better steel and handle material be? 10%? 15%? Anyone have any idea of this?

I agree with you guys on the steel selection. CRKT would serve its customers better by offering the better designs with better steel. Just wondering is CRKT would ever consider doing an identical knock-off of the original in BG-42. Whadaya suppose they would charge for that?
Barry H