crkt urban shark???

The Urban Shark is great inexpensive one hander. CKRT markets it as a self defense knife but I think it is best utilized as a utility knife. The Urban Shark comes in two sizes, I have the large model. It locks very securely and is fairly light weight. The knife is a bit thick, somewhat on the order of the BM 705 Axis Lock.
I would suggest you buy the following CRKT knives:
  • Crawford KFF
  • Point Guard
  • M-16
  • Urban Shark
  • KISS, Stiff KISS, Bear Claw (if you have money to burn)

Basically every new knife they have intoduced in the last 2 years has been a winner. For the time being you just can't go wrong w/CRKT. That's why I have seven of them.

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I have both sizes in plain blade only. I am a great fan of Lightfoots which is the reason I bought the Urban Shark. Now I am a fan of CRKT. You cannot beat thier knives for the $$. They are fine utilty blades and meet my needs when in Chicago(2.5" blade limit) until my custom Warren thomas comes. If you are talking strict defense, than I would rather have abigger blade.I have given a few away as presents becuase they are such great knives at a great price point!
thanks guys, i allready have the m16, pointguard, and kasper, and am quite satisfied!!! the shark???
The CRKT Urban Shark is a fine little knife and is a lot better quality than its price would suggest. I've had mine for several months but can find no fault in it other than a slightly rough action out of the box (smoothed that up with some WD40). Suggest you get the plain edge version - the blade is too short for 50/50 combo to be useful.


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