crkt wasp

Dec 31, 2000
Has anyone seen or handled the crkt wasp?
I can't find one in my area yet.


Always do right....this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
i handled one recently,and i would say its worth the money.the end of the knife has a kind of flare(i dont know what you would call it)its a little sharp,so watch out.well built knife,good lock up,no blade only problem was the thumbstud,it was to far down from the pivot to open.that is remedied by a slight adjustment of your hand,and then you can flick it open comfortably with your thumb.but overall its prettycomfortable to hold and open.the clip,while it looks skinny,is strong.
i think its a good knife,cost more than most from crkt,but the quality of this one is amazing.IMHO i think youll like it.
It's interesting you mentioned that the edges of the handle on the Wasp seemed sharp. I bought a Viele Mini Silent Partner (a similarily styled custom)a year or so ago, and I was amazed at how uncomfortable it was to handle, as the "points" on the edges of the handle were actually pretty painful!

Couldn't fault the build quality, though, it was pretty nice, I just didn't like to hold the thing!

I'm curious to get my oh-so sensitive hands on a Wasp to compare. Why not just bevel the sharper parts down? Are the pointy areas that crucial to the design?


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the sharpest part of the knife (besides the blade) is the little flair at the end of the handle,its sharp.i think you could file it down some,you might scratch it a little,but it would be much more comfortable in the hand.
I would like to second Maurice, the Wasp is a great knife with bad thumb stud placement. Other than that, it is the best quality knife that CKRT has ever produced including their S-2 series. If someone like the Spyderco Viele, the Wasp is quite similar but just a bit smaller.