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crkt wharncliffe mirage


Sep 20, 2000
has anyone had any experience with the crkt mirage wharncliffe?????
ONE OF THE BEST BUYS ON THE MARKET!!! (Yelling for emphasis).

Rock solid lock up, no blade play, perfect edge geometry... plus they can be had for cheap online.

Just buy one and you'll be one happy camper!

I have to 2nd what RLR said. I had never had a Wharncliffe bladed knife and wanted to try one w/o spending a ton of money. Got the CRKT and was so impressed I bought 2 more as gifts for friends. I don't think CRKT can be beat for the price. Bruce
I'll 3rd what RLR sez

My wharncliffe mirage has been my EDC since March & I love it. It only gets used for paper, cardboard & food...only has been steeled on the back of a butter knife and stropped on the back of a belt, & still push cuts paper.
BTW it is the best pizza slicer out there, just be sure not to cut thru the box too
(like I keep doing)
Ebbtide out.
i have a mirage too (the older version,with polished blade ) and it's a fine knife.
thanks guys i appreciate the help, one other question though which do you think is more useful the 50/50 edge or the straight edge???...im just wondering because of the type of blade shape????
Oh god, the Mirage serrations are sucky. Get it in plain edge! The knife is real nice, but make VERY sure that you get the plain edge.
Anyone who knows the thickness of the liner in the mirage series? I kind of like thick beefy liners, such as the ones in Emerson knives and microtechs.

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thanks comrade chang, from champ. ill???...i went to tech school in the air force at chanute just up the road from you in 89!