Crocodile Dundee III? New Knife???


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Feb 23, 2001
We all know that "Thats not a knife, now thats a knife!" Does anyone know if Mr. Dundee will be brandishing a new bowie for Crocodile Dundee III coming out soon? If so, who is the maker and where can you get such an awesome looking piece like that??!!
Inasmuchas the nation of Australia, which Crocodile Dundee has come to represent, has recently all but illegalized knives, I think he should portray a true image of modern Australia and this time just look frightened and hand over his wallet.

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It is only 2 states that have have imposed these ridiculous laws. Elsewhere in Australia it is fairly cool,and still very much at the discretion of the courts and the the circumstances. I have no idea about the the Dundee knife, you guys will get to see it a couple of months before us.

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I hear he's carrying a large Sebenza in this one

Originally posted by steve f:
It is only 2 states that have have imposed these ridiculous laws.

which states are those... NSW has newish knife laws, and they're not that restrictive... not in my opinion, anyway.

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The 2 states are Victoria and South Australia. N.S.W. has changed the laws in regard to carriage of a knife without lawful purpurse, but as I stated before 'lawful purpose' is very much at the discrecion of the officers and magiistrate involved.Be careful.
I saw a trailer, at the theater this weekend, for the new Dundee movie. I got a glimpse of a big knife...., but it sure looked like a fairly huge folder, to me. Maybe 7" clipped blade.
K_ ... You can have any kind of knife that you want just by drawing a pic, and giving it to any custom fixed blade maker. They would be happy to build you a knife!

Can't wait for the movie... hope it's as good as the last two.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the replies. I assumed that replicating a knife like that was possible but making an approximation, how much do you think it would cost? No need to get into specifics with blade steel, exotic handles, or the like since I most likely wouldn't be able to afford it. Just wondering. Also, who would be "the guy" to do it? Thanks in advance.

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