Crowd-funded one hundred dollar 6" custom dagger than can stab car hoods and even cut too. ;)

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I'll take acute point, and robust cross section for $100.

If you'll make one , for $100 , I'll take it ! ;)

Doc, not sure if you are being serious, but you gave me an idea. And after reading your post two hours ago, I designed a new knife specifically with the features we discussed in that thread in mind.

SO! If you really feel that way, I could give you what you want. But we'd have to do things a little differently than I have so far. First what would the knife look like?

I came up with a knife design and concept that will be robust, but very light and fast for it's high strength, will pierce very well, still actually cut, and be easy to carry. Here is the CAD file and how many I can make for the run (grid squares are one inch):



I will gladly make an entire run of this dagger, which is over 11" overall with 6" blade length. The steel will be either .210" 8670 or .25" 15N20 (the most appropriate steels and thicknesses currently available at AKS) as determined by majority vote, with black Boltaron sheaths for that price. The only way this run happens, at this price, is if I get at least six people willing to prepay, as I currently have all my money tied up in runs in process consisting of:

1 huge sheet of MagnaCut
3 regular sized sheets of AEB-L
2 regular sized sheets of 15N20

And considering that after the cost of materials, consumables, not to mention importing them, and waterjet cutting, heat treatment, and shipping there is not more than a little profit margin in this for me. So why would I do it? Because it 1) Keeps me busy doing what I love while I await the processing of my stainless steel runs, which require more lead time than my carbon steel runs, 2) doing it for the community I love, and 3) I can squeeze a few Bitty Bitey Baby Birdies and Fried Liver Attacks (XL?) on there, between the handles, which would really be a leap of faith at this stock thickness anyway. Maybe a slim small knife at the top and bottom as well. Will I make any money on these two designs? Who knows? They are weird designs and I make them purely because I like them and believe in them. They would really just be a hope and a prayer at turning a bit more of a profit on the run.

But as soon as I have six people who are willing to act as $100 investors for this dagger run, I will pull the trigger, and what you will get for that price is one of the above dagger designs configured as follows:

Double edge ground to near zero from the heel, up to more robust geometry at the tip, reflecting what I referred to in my post in the other thread (cited above). It will pierce car hoods, but also work decently for cutting with the first half to two thirds of the blade length.

Single piece natural wood handle scales, per side, of your choice from the types of wood I normally stock, and a stainless stainless tube up front in the pinhole, and at the rear of the cutout to securely fasten the scales, as well as vertical texturing like I did on my 15N20 zebrawood neck knife (opt out if you want, but this texture does wonders for grip and is still super comfortable as well).

Pancake Boltaron Sheath.

To your door via Canada Post expedited service.

Because these will be cut by HAI, and heat treated by Andy Pomorski, the time from when the steel is ordered to when the blanks are in my shop can be as little as 4-6 weeks, and I cannot remember ever having been made to wait longer than 8 weeks for these two service providers to process my blanks. I fully expect to have the investors' knives completed and shipped before August.


Green/Grey laminated wood(Frogblanks)
Black Palm
Red Palm
Indian Ebony
Chakte Viga
I believe others as well, I have to check

I will get the steel ordered and set the run up right away as soon as I have six people who prepay for their $100 dagger. That way I am at least guaranteed to break even on the run, even if nothing else on the sheet sells. And if anyone wants to upgrade to different handle material, or composite handles, that will be an option as well, but the preorder will only be for the base price, and any upgrade costs will only be due on completion (and given what I typically offer and charge for upgrades you would have to be pretty creative and come up with something unexpected to make your dagger cost more than another $50 on top of base price).

Who will be the six willing to make this run happen? Okay friends, thanks for reading, and good [insert local time of day].

And D DocJD , thanks for making a comment that kept me up past my new bed time. ;) I'm going to bed now because I have a watermelon slicing machete to make in the morning.
I am in for one. I'm thinking in the green/gray Frogblanks...but...I might change my mind when the time comes if you have the red and black SureTouch.

Thank you! Bring five friends if you can, because I'm only going to start this run when six people total have done what you're doing. After that the run is closed to new orders. That way I can get all six made within three or four days and not overload myself while expecting the arrival of other blades.
I mean I definitely will grind them with more distal taper as well for very acute points, as a no additional cost option, but like the man said you risk leaving yourself open to decepticon attacks (ie giant transforming evil robots, for those who may not know)
I mean I definitely will grind them with more distal taper as well for very acute points, as a no additional cost option, but like the man said you risk leaving yourself open to decepticon attacks (ie giant transforming evil robots, for those who may not know)
Starscream gonna catch some David Mary steel in the brainpan! 😉
By the way I should mention that until he says otherwise I'm leaving honorary slot one open for D DocJD since he inspired the idea.
That's four, or five if D DocJD claims his spot. Leaving only one or two spots left. I'm heading to the shop shortly but I'll check in when I get back home tonight and reach out to the six if we have them by then.
Oh hello Martin!
So there are zero or one spots left
Actually, I'm going to call that "good enough" so that nobody gets their hopes up with "seconds". The only exceptions will be the two guys I reached out to by PM who didn't respond yet. They have been great customers, so, if they want in, I will add them even if its past six (max will be eight, or two more spots plus the Doc if he jumps in).

I have had many great customers, and if I didn't reach out to you, please know it was not easy.

So this thread is now closed to new orders. Those who have gotten in, if you would be so kind as to email or PM me the email address you want your PayPal invoices sent to, I'll get those out to you, and get the steel ordered once they're paid. I've already got the daggers nested, and ready to email to the waterjet guys.
Some of you guys I have your emails, so woodysone woodysone Notaflashyguybyanymeans Notaflashyguybyanymeans I'll be sending your momentarily.

Insipid Moniker Insipid Moniker
C CBurgett
M McFeeli

If you'd be so kind as to PM me your email addresses, or you can email them to David dot Mary dot 12 dot 1 at protonmail dot com, I'll get those invoices out to you as well.

Thank you everyone, this is going to be a fun run!
By the way those of you who jumped in, please state your preference in this thread for your preference between:

.210" 8670
and .25" 15N20

Thanks again