Crucible Steel warning.

Jan 16, 2006
Last summer I bought a chunk of cobalt HSS from Crucible (Dallas TX) and used my checking account credit/debit card. The overcharged my account by $200. Then on the last weekend before Christmas I was trying to buy a bike for my daughter which was only $90 and the clerk informed my that the card can not be accepted. When I got home I checked my bank acct. online and found another charge from Crucible for $500!!!!!!!!

Both times it took a couple phone calls and three days to get my account credited back. It was just a mix up on thier end but it still was a PITA to get it fixed.

Crucible Steel is a great company that has good people, quality steels and they are willing to sell small quantities to us knifemakers. But if you buy steel from them with any form of credit card watch your acct statements. Even if it is several months later.

From here on out I will be sending a money order to them for any further orders, just for my own sanity.