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CS Desperado Update?

Feb 8, 2000
Hello folks. I am considering purchasing a Cold Steel Desperado. I have reviewed some of the past discussion on this knife, and I was just wondering if any of you Desperado owners have encountered any problems or defects since then. A lot of people seemed initially concerned about the handle coming off or the tip breaking with a solid thrust. Any praise or horror stories would be much appreciated! Thanks!
No complaints at all. I would complain that it's f-ing exasperating even thinking about re-sharpening Cold Steel's serration pattern, but at the price, I'm just going to replace mine.

Dulled it out using it as my root cutting knife while digging planting holes for about 50 bushes and 16 trees last summer (Which by itself should tell you that the handle ain't going nowhere...). It's still quite formidable on soft stuff, but getting back the old "toothiness" will be nice.

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I have one for sale if you're interested. E-mail me.

I would highly rec'mnd any of CS's products. Here, however, you must take into consideration what u r going to do with this piece. I HAD a DESPERADO, two infact, first one I sent right back only due to the fact that it wasn't what I thought it would be. Second, I got from a female friend who took it away from her high-school student son!

I sent the first one back because this is a MEAN, LARGE, SERIOUS piece. As far as usefulness, sure the grip is versitile, but for defense-for which it is extremely well suited- I feel I lack the proper training to employ the piece safely and effectively.

Great knife, concels moderately well-it is large-and as always, DEATHLY SHARP out of the box!


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I used to own a Desperado. It was a constant companion and hid very well. I talked to cops with it ITWB on my back and they never noticed. I study up on martial arts and the like and it's a very fast and fluid blade, switches grips almost instantaneously. For self-defense It's great.
As for other uses, It surely has it's limitations in that it has a small grip, is fully serrated, and you can't choke up on the blade to well. However, I once did custruct a small runway, and then had to pry about a hundred staples and tacks from the board, and being that the staples were exceedingly tight, I had to use the very tip. No problem, worked like a charm. Even pried loose a board or too nailed tight, but I DEFINATELY wouldn't make that a habit. I also used to practice slashing and thrusting manuvers (safely away from civilization, and taking proper safety measures)into a tree. Great knife, durable.
The knife is definately a good investment, can be a decent utility knife and is very unobstusive, but I would suggest an SRK for this, and save the Desperado to save your hide. (Also if a cop sees it, you're pretty much f***ed).
I have been carrying a Desperado every day for about three years now. I have put this knife through hell and it has never let me down. For the price, you can not go wrong. It conceals GREAT, it is a good utility blade and an incredible defensive knife. I highly recommend the Desperado to anyone who is interested in owning one.


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I too own Desperado and I love it. I have abused it to no end and it has held up just fine. Except the sheath is worn out and the blade isn't to sharp any more. I would like to find someone who could sharpen the edge on it. If you are out there let me know.
Other than that this is a very good tactical knife. It is very fast and swift. The curve in the blade fits well against the forearm (Sharp edge out of course) for defense and concealment. I would highly recommend this knife too any one.