Oct 20, 1999
Ok, this will be quick and painless. The CS Desperado, is by far one of the most radical knives I have ever owned. Its handle design(almost a round rubber ball...like a car's shifter!), allowed several different handling options, and the extrmely curved blade made for a hell of an intimidating looking knife.

I purchased this knife as a utility knife...clip it to my hip, and slice and dice through all the boxes one could imagine. This piece did all this and more...but was just too damn big and fierce looking! I carry a Styrker almost always now, and that in and of itslef is an intimidating piece...but this knife made me worry about being caught in NYC subways with it. Without a CCW permit, no one in any civilized area has a need to carry this piece! Much like a Spyderco Civilian/Harpy, the blade design is terrific for slashing blows, and as with all CS products, came sharp as hell, but for everyday utility...it is not touch enough.

Steel was great.
Sharp as hell.
Great design.
No machining mark-q&a terrific.
Versitile handle configuration.
Great for large boot knife.
Horrible hip carry piece...too large.

Too intimidating-can't brush off as jsut a pocket knife!

Would love to have it in a fight!

This knife did all types of fighting things well;slashed, stabbed, sawed bone, and fileted well! But too thin for crushing spine blows, and no pommel for lethal-free aggression.

Great knife to have in collection... Cut through almost everything!

Warning...don't try and shave with this puppy unless you want to filet your calve@@@!

God's choices in inflicicting suffering are unsatisfactory to us, nor are they understandable, unless innocence offends him. Clearly he needs some help in directing the blind fury with which he flogs the earth...

I agree, DANGELO!!!

I, too, have a Desperado. Bought it because Bob Kasper gave it a pretty good review in an old issue of Tactical Knives (1998???). Great hideout piece!
No doubt I'll be buying my second Desperado shortly. I wore down the serrations on number 1 this past summer using it to razor through roots while digging holes for trees and shrubs. Nothing else I had came close.
Not even gonna bother trying to sharpen it - the only real drawback of the CS serration pattern. I honestly love the finer serrations for slashing. Much better chance of biting on contact than a plain edge, especially through clothing, but no snagging like bigger teeth do - The CS teeth either cut or slide off. Catch anything in the recurve of the Desperado, and it's sliced - period. Great penetrator, too.

Tremendous defensive knife, and the handle design makes it far easier to conceal than most fixed blades of similar size/style. I keep mine IWB positioned for cross draw. Under a sweatshirt, it's invisible. A full sized handle would be obvious and uncomfortable. Terrific gripping surface.

Agreed that the Desperado would be a problem to explain without using the words "defense" or "weapon". If pressed, I don't see where the spine couldn't be used for non-lethal striking - not the best, or even intended use, I'm sure, but possible none the less...
Let me say first, that I don't own a Desperado. (I do love the design though!) I'm waiting for a NON-serated version of the blade to come out before I buy one. Does anyone know if (or, hopefully, when) a version like this may come out?
i got a used one cheap here on BF. the only thing i've used it for so far is to slash some boxes and relieve some tension. did wonderful on the boxes and the tension. i wouldn't count on a plain version. when i really wear down the serrations, i'll make it a plain edge. here's a little trick to sharpen these puppies. get access to a buffer. i use a fairly hard wheel with light abrasive and just run the back/non-serrated side on the wheel. be careful as you might overheat, but it brings them back quite a bit in my experience.