CS Extra Large Clip Point or Tanto?

Nov 13, 1998
My pocket (jeans, right front) just might accommodate an even larger folder (presently, Spyderco Endura 98). Cold Steel's Extra Large Voyager just might fill the bill.

The CS34XC, the clip-point version, might be more versatile (I have perhaps 10 tantos, including CS's Voyagers). But any other things I should take into account? Especially, I'm interested in whether the clip-point's handle (the hungry banana) is as *thin* as the Tanto's (because of a possible IWB carry), and whether the *clips* are the same?

I know that Dexter has reviewed them both (at the KnifeCenter), but I couldn't find an answer to my specific concerns. Extra Large carriers's experiences would also be much appreciated.


The clip point`s grip is about the same width as the tanto and the clips are in similar locations. A little bit more of the handle may stick out of your pocket due to the "tail" on the clip point but it`s shape doesn`t suggest that it`s a knife (comb maybe) so I`m not sure that`s at all bad. It`s not the same grip they use on the Vaqueros which is sorta thick. Both feel comfy enough to me although the thicker Vaq. grip more so. I like the XLG Clip point personally,if I could find one for what I think they`re worth (<$40) I`d buy one. Better yet CS could put a steel pocket clip on it,an ATS34 blade,and an adjustable pivot and I`d buy one for the asking price. YMMV Marcus
Thanks, Marcus. A relatively thin handle is just what I need (thick but narrow handles, like in the CS El Hombre, do not seat well in my front pocket's rear edge). And I don't mind the handle's butt poking out a bit, for I'll have a sweater or something over it.