CS factory seconds

Jul 28, 1999
How much do Cold Steel factory seconds differ in quality from the knives in normal distribution channels?
Well, they've got a 2 branded into the butt. Maybe a scratch or two in the finish, a grind line a little off...
But if you are going to USE them, I've never had any problems with my SRK 2nd or Recon Tanto 2nd.

CS factory seconds are not only cosmeticly defective as the company claims. In my experience, they' ve come with warped blades, uneven/ low grinds, blades that trailed to one side, and bad finishes. I do not consider their powder coats to be a blemish or cosmetic as its primary function is to help in preserving the carbon V steel from corrosion. CS states that their seconds are a by product of the manufacturing process and are not offered as regular sales items. Consequently, one cannot return them for any reason. If you must buy a CS product then buy their standard production line, either from here from fellow forumites or from any of the internet sales advertised/ or posting here. The prices are as good or even better than the Factory seconds from CS direct.

I won' t even go into their customer service dept. (or their lack of for a better term) Have fun.


PS- take a peek at my 4 sale posts.

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Cold Steel 2nd's absolutely rule. I picked up a LTC Ghurki from them. Took me 10 min to see what was wrong. Then I noticed the tip was slightly "overshaved" on the left. I laughed. Knowing I got $40 off for something like that, it was funny. I got a Recon Tanto once that had a little scatch across it, it was my 1st 2nd. I was like..."they won't sell these because of that?"
Get a 2nd, cheaper, and in my experience, not only is the blade fully functional, you might even have a hard time finging what's wrong - and when you do, you probably won't care...

I have several CS seconds (Master Hunter, SRK, Recon Tanto)and every one of mine was ground thicker than the norm. MH had a thicker blade all the way out to the tip, SRK and RT were thicker at the edge, aside from that they were GREAT buys for the money.
They make outstanding beat-the-stuffing-out-of-em-with-no-regard knives.

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I purchased a master hunter 2nd several years ago, and could not see what the blemish was.

I have used it hard on occasion, up to 5 deer field dressed, and it would still pop hair.

I would have no qualms about buying another second.

Thomas Zinn
I have a CS Master Hunter second that I bought at a show directly from the company. They had dozens of seconds on hand and I got to pick through the assortment with the assistance of a CS representative. Some had very noticeable problems, the one I bought was slightly uneven on one side (I didn't see the problem but the rep pointed it out). I sanded the end of the grip down to make it look better and it has given good service. I certainly wouldn't buy one sight unseen however.