CS Hudson Bay

Aug 12, 1999
I picked up a Cold Steel 'Hudson Bay' knife, an old time butcher knife, with a simple sheath for $10. I don't butcher animals very often but it reminded me of the butcher knife that my dad kept nice and sharp. It's a 7 inch full tang blade about 0.10 inch thick, wooden handles that need the edges rounded, and is marked as being made of Carbon V steel. There was another model of similar make offered, a 'Red River' I think it was called, which had about a 5 inch blade. They seem to be a bargain, for use as period, utility, and kitchen knives. Anyone know more about this series of knives ? Is it regular Carbon V hardened at the usual mid to upper 50s ?
Yeah, I have a Elk Skinner, that is an ok knife. Need a dremil to make the hanle feel better, and it rusts if you look at it hard enough. Carbon V, batch hardened. Not bad to $10.00 Too bad they were discontinued.

That was the regular Carbon V made by CS's previous supplier.

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For those that like thinner blades for slicing these will be worth looking at, especially for the price. The grind is simple enough that one should be able to easily make another blade shape with a belt sander or lots of time with a rough stone. The Red River is kind of a big poor man's AG Russell Deer Knive.
These are great knives! I gave an elk skinner to my hunting buddy, who has used it to skin several moose so far. Holds a great edge, easy to resharpen in the field... The basic design worked for a couple of centuries (or more) of pioneers, outdoorsmen and North American Indians, so it should still work.
There were four of these knives. I’ve been using the elk skinner for a few years now in the kitchen. It’s the knife I grab when I need to cut asphalt shingles, scrape paint, or otherwise abuse a knife. It always cleans up and resharpens well.

I sanded the handle and reprofiled the blade edge. These are definitely a good value, if you can find them.
Thanks for pointing out the Elk model, I found a couple for $10 ea. At least one of them will replace a Mora type knife that I've kept in the cars. It'll be fun trying out the Hudson Bay in the kitchen and informally comparing it to the Henckels.