CS Large Twistmaster - drop point

Nov 30, 2000
I recently received a Cold Steel large twistmaster in drop point style. I was very surprised at the size of the knife, as I was visualizing something much smaller - it's a little over 11" when open.

It came out of the box razor sharp. I like the carbon v steel - it seems to hold an edge well and is not difficult to sharpen. However, the knife also came wrapped in warnings (literally) about possible rust to the blade. With a little oil, this hasn't been a problem. The blade makes a ringing sound when struck - almost like a very small bell.

The action was initially very tight, and required both of my hands and a lot of effort to open. Since that time, it has worn in a little, and is much easier to open. Why it has a thumbnail slot cut into it is beyond me - I just open it with my thumb and forefinger grasping the blade.

I like lanyard hole, and have attached a length of cord to it for easier access. The handle ergonomics are nice, very similar to a medium size kitchen knife - with a nice, thick round handle. The pattern in the handle is rough, and not prone to slipping when wet. The locking mechanism is fairly solid, although I wouldn't trust it to not fail under heavy use. (I believe it's the same exact mechanism as Opinel's).

Overall, I like this knife a lot. I'm planning on using it as a kitchen/utility knife to carry with me in my ext. frame pack. The twistmaster seems to be an excellent knife for long-term use. It was definitely worth the price of $11.99 I paid for it from Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

-- Rob


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Nov 28, 1999
I too, love these knives. They are about as much folder as you can get for the money. They take and hold a great edge. The warnings about the rusting are very real though. You will need to wipe the blade down just about each time you open it. I dont do that enough, and mine develops a rusty orange thumb and finger print exactly where I open the blade. I still love the knife; mine is the clip point version.

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