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CS Master Hunter

Jan 9, 1999
This is the second MH I have owned. The first one I still have but is a second that is several yrs old. Anyways comparing the 2 realizing that the first one is a manufactured 2nd the blade geometry is different on the most current one. That is a much thinner blade spine down towards the point. Don't know if this in normal or not. Looking for any feedback concerning this. Just seems to me that it may be to thin. I am afraid that if I wiggle the knife back an forth between the joints of a deer to seperate the tendons and joints etc. that it could fracture. I will say this though that it is without a doubt one sharp blade. Also I will use it when stump shooting to dig out judo points from stumps etc. Keep'em sharp.
I noticed the same thing; my first MH is much thicker toward the tip. although it's much modified after several seasons of hunting, all-round use, I don't think it had the same sweeping curve as the newer ones. The distal (toward the front) taper on the newer one is sigificantly greater than on the old one. I wouldn't worry about it in use, though; it's still one tough blade, and as you note holds a terrific edge. I'd use the old one for cutting arrows out of stumps, though.
Personally - I hate this knife. I really think it sucks, probably the only fixed Cold Steel blade I hate...
I have a couple master hunters and so do my hunting buddys and the blades all seam to differ slighty some are rounded and some more pointed.
I use an SRK to dig arrows out of trees.
I have only one Master Hunter, a second. I don't have others to compare mine to. The spine narrows fairly quickly toward the tip and is still substantial. The curve of the blade from the tip is quite pronounced giving it plenty of belly for skinning. I really only use the knife to dress and skin deer so it's pretty much a once a year use..although several guys used it last year and made positive comments. I like it for the work I put it too. CarbonV does take and hold an edge well. I got this knife for less than $30 w/ shipping...How can I complain.