CS Mini Tac

Thin stock, lots of angles in the grind, dropped edge - Samurai Hobbit Chef's Knife.

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I was underwhelmed. I think that the blade isn't stout enough and the handle is too short and poorly shaped. And it was too pricey for what it is. Other than that it's OK
I had one, thought it was a good piece for what it was. Pricey? Get it through any of the dealers on this forum and I don't think you'll spend too much money. I was pleased with it.

The only reason I got rid of mine was cuz I had another neck knife ordered and didn't think the Mini-Tac would see much use. Try one and see.
I`m the new owner of Velitrius' old Mini Tac. It isn`t chisel ground. I just brought it to work today and cut up some cardboard with it. It really is a nice little cutter. It performed better than I expected. I think the thin stock really helps it glide through cardboard with little effort. I`m thinking of taking James M`s suggestion and use it in the kitchen for a while. Maybe I have a new paring knife.