CS Neck Knives; Mini Tac & Mini Culloden

Oct 20, 1999
I am pleased to say that I have FINALLY received my Cold Steel Neck Knives; a Mini Tac as well as a Mini Culloden.

After purchasing a Para Edge Tanto style some time back, and carrying it religiously since, I decided to inexpensively jump up in size a bit. Keep in mind, the Para Edge series is MUCH SMALLER then both of these pieces!!!

Starting off with the Mini Culloden, it is easy to see why it costs as much as it does. Don't get moe wrong, it is hardly an expensive piece, but it is built/designed like one. Blade is straight edge and razor sharp. Needle point is precise and yet seems strong enough to handle piercing thrusts. Keeping in mind that I plan to use this knife for defense purposes only, at least until my PATROLMAN arrives in Sept!!!, I really only tried cutting/stabbing things that I would encounter in such a situation. Jeans and old denim jacket proved no problem, same with nylon. Slashing through rayon however required more attention to arch control then I anticipated. Low power, straight foward stab thrusts were easy, and with minimal effort, the blade designed allowed the knife to penetrate through the bottom of FIVE (5) liter soda bottles before begining to snag. Blade performance is exactly what you would expect from CS. Handle ergonomics is interesting-thrusts, slashes, and reverse "pokes" are easily accomadated by the Kraton grip. Only gripe about this piece and its package-the Concealex sheath seems a little more ABS then Kydex like. One to ten...I'll go with an eight with value playing a pivotal role!

I went with the Mini Tac to replae my Para edge with a bigge knife. Unfortuneately, this piece is a great deal larger, and thus, less sturdy. The blade is big, flat, serrated, and awkward for a Tanto from CS. The blade actually bent during Cardboard piercing, (at the handle-blade junction) !
As far as blade performance, serrations from CS, although a pain to sharpen/maintain, are still awesome! The knife cut EVERYTHING WELL, yet nothing excellent. Piercing was hindered by the piece having bent, which made me reluctant to put it through its paces. Handle is same as those on CS kitchen knives, and is ideal for neck carry-thin yet comfortable in the hand, and resists twisting as long as the entire piece resists BENDING! I wore this piece in the shower, then let it sit against my body all night, checking the blade this morning-nothing. After a quick cleaning with wd40 then tuff cloth, I found one blade nick from a button on the jeans I cut apart, and one scratch. Both no big deal. Even though I wanted this knife as a medium grade utility neck knife, it is too large for my 5'8" stature to carry comfortably, even though sleeping with it on proved a great deal easier then anticipated! Why sleep with this or any knife around my neck- while camping I have frequently had to rush out of my tent to tend to something with only my shorts on! One to ten...five. Bending is not good, no matter how well the sob cuts!!!

Definitely give the Mini-Culloden a try, well worth the money for S.D., while if given the chance I would pass on the Mini Tac and opt for one of Livesay's cheaper pieces or even one of Rekat neck rigs

Stay Sharp!
Steve in NYC
Hey, Steve, I've got a Q? for you. How is the slimness of the knife? I own a livesay Woo and despite it's small size, it wears better around the neck than the paraedge because it is flatter. This would also seem to be true of the mini-culloden. Is this true?

EdRozen-On the cutting edge of finding out what the cutting edge is....
Hi guys!, The MC is a very slim knife, even when in the sheath. It is much larger than the Paradege (handle & blade). The Paraedge knives are thicker due to their handle and gaurd + the sheath to hold it. I myself carry the Emerson La Griffe, I have two..1 for neck carry and the other attached to laynard which is on my beltloop and in my back left pocket(weak side). If you have seen the La Griffe, the CS MC is not much thicker at all. Keep in mind that with the MC it does not have an option as a belt knife as does the larger one. This can be done though with the help of some paracord through the holes and thread it thruogh your belt.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

The Mini Culloden is slimmer then the Para Edge, but the knives have two different purposes!

My Para Edge has ripped thru more cardboard, and cut more tape than most likely any other small knife I own. While the CS-MC will be reserved for cutting...let us just say "softer" materials!!!

I wish CS would just take the medium Voyager Blade, and three inches to the rear, cover it with kraton, anf form a kydex rig to it! it would be bigger than the Para Edge, and a bigger grip is all the ParaEdges truely need!
It bent piercing cardboard??? What kind of cardboard was it? Is it rated for use in constructing bomb shelters? If it was anything like what most of us think of when we hear the word cardboard I wouldn't reserve the knife for cutting softer materials ... there aren't many softer materials than cardboard ... reserve it for cutting jello? I would send it back.

-Cougar :{)
I like to tape together 4-8, 5" x 5" pieces of double corregated shipping cardboard to test piercing ability.

It was when I removed the knife from the test block that the piece snagged and bent.

Only other knife I have that failed in this way was my wayne goddard lightweight folder. Piece was otherwise excellent!