CS Question

Jul 2, 2000
I just bought a gunsite II today. I like this knife alot, but... It has a small bit of side to side wobble in the blade. Because of this the opening of the knife is super smooth, unlike the other voyagers I have had in the past that were extreemly stiff. I am just wondering if this is going to be a safety issue. I know that all CS knives are strong. This one just feels more broken in(not stiff). Is that O.K. Or is this a QC problem? I'm problably just bitchin' too much. Any thoughts?
I am not fond of any wobble. If I were you I would call CS customer service. I am sure they would help. My 5" Voyager, the first CS I have ever owned, is quite stiff and tight to open. However I would rather have it this way than any wobble.
My large size Voyagers (4") were a tad stiff to begin with but after several years of use they open slick, no friction, no wobble. Yours should do the same. Send it back.
Send it back. I have 4 Gunsites (2 of each size), and none of them has any "wobble", yet they all open smoothly.

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