CS Recon 1 folder... anyone?

Charlie Mike

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Nov 1, 2000
Has anyone purchased Cold Steels new spin-off on the axis lock? I got the new Special Projects catalogue and saw it, and I have to admit it looked kinda cool. I have had two CS folders that were very unsatisfactory. :barf: I am hoping they got such a foolproof lock design to actually work right. If this is a good solid knife, I am willing to rethink my vow not to buy a CS folder again.
Thanks for the pics, Solid Soldier. Always nice to get a decent-sized pic of an interesting knife. So many production pics look like they were shot from across the room.

I'm curious about the lower knife. Is that a spear point? Maybe it is just my eyes, but so many flicks make it look like the blade is half an inch thick, and the grinds appear to be nearly vertical to me. The lower image looks terribly thick, but still like it might be a decent-looking knife. (Guess cause I never ordered anything, my reception of the CS Special Proj. catalog ceased here a few months ago. I miss it, and am nearly ready to buy a few CS products.

Anyhow, thanks in advance,
Does this folder open smoothly? My CS 5" blade Gunsite does not open and close smoothly. I have used white lightning on the pivot and it helped but it doesn't open as smoothly as my other folders.
Bugs3x- The lower pic is the spearpoint. I like the meaty grinds on it, as I am a Strider fan. I think the tanto would be nice in plainedge. I don't think their serrations are easy to sharpen.

rogue_spear- I haven't had a chance to play with one yet, that's why I posted!:p
Solid Soldier:
I have a Recon-1 clip-point, plain-edge. It is a smooth-opening folder. It is not as smooth-opening as the Benchmade Axis lock 710. (I also have one of these.) I like the handle shape better than the 710's. If you have any other questions/concerns let me know and I will do my best to answer them.
Rogue Spear:
I had a Extra Large CS Tanto Voyager. It had the same problems with the stiff opening. I think that it has to due with the placement of the locking bar. On the CS Large/4" bladed models the locker-rock has a shorter length than the 5" bladed models do. If you have a CS catalog, take a look at the pictures of these models to see what I mean.
Concerning the CS serrated edge. I have found that the corner edges of the DMT diafolds will fit in the little groups of teeth. I think it is Lansky that has come out with a special sharpener for it,also.
I have tested two samples of the Recon Folders and the results were very dissapointing. The lock on the first model tended to stick and there is no way to maintain adjustment with those rinky-dink slot head screws. The second knife worked more smoothly but both blades developed side to side play after minor stress testing. It's a shame, these would be great knives if they were properly constructed, but it seems CS chose to cut too many corners.

Dan Johnson
The one I ordered had blade play right out of the box. As I've mentioned elsewhere, a knife with that level of hype and price should have more than a one year warranty. In all fairness, I didn't get a chance to use it to see if adjustment would help or if it got better/worse with use.