CS Scimitar

Jul 1, 2000
can anyone recommend this knife ?.... i have one other CS, a gunsite II that wiggles at the pivot has no liners and just feels sort of cheap to me.....will the Scimitar have the same impression on me ?? I really like the way it looks.
I have 9 Cold Steel Folders, and NONE of mine has a blade that "wiggles at the pivot", so it seems that your Gunsite II is an "odd-ball".

BTW, If you want to "get rid of" your Cold Steel Gunsite II, let me know (via e-mail), as I've been looking for one, for awhile now. (I have a nice, TIGHT, plain-edged El Hombre that I'd trade you for it...).

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Rickmos, I bought a Scimitar for a friend. I handled it for a bit before I handed it over. It is a fairly impressive knife for the 65 dollars I paid for it. I didn't get to play with it much, so I wouldn't be sure how it would hold up to usage.


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I've got a Scimitar, it's kind of big for pocket carry, although I've carried it many times. It's grown on me, to where I carry it quite a bit now. It is definitely intimidating in a crowd, for any reason. I don't know about the Gunsite, I believe it's not ajustable, but the Scimitar has an allen ajustable pivot pin, to ajust the play in the blade Ironhorse
Ironhorse..Chang..appreciate your input.

Glockman, standby for email.

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I am the proud owner of a CS Scimitar.

Most "knife people" (including myself) don't initially love this one.
I was looking for a light weight, large-ish, tough knife, with finger grooves in this price range to carry as a defensive primary.

My search lead me to CS and I was going to buy a Gunsite or a Large Voyager, but as I looked at the stats closer (and then calling CS with questions) I realized that the Scimitar was their strongest folder. They report that this knife will hold up to 200lbs. suspended from the handle while the blade is clamped in a vise.
Now I know, I know, this is probably CS propaganda, but noone else does these tests and then publish the results.

So, back to my opinions:

I was VERY impressed with OOTB sharpness. This puppy will definately bite you if you aren't careful.
This knife is one of scariest/intimidating folders that I have ever handled. Everyone who I've showed it to has the same response.
That's OK with me since that's what I wanted anyway.

The handle is nicely checkered Kraton with a Titanium liner lock and it's finger grooves hold the hand well. *Note-I would have prefered (as I always do) that it was equipeed with a full liner. But that would add onto the weight, and that's something that I didn't want. If you look inside the handle, you will note that the liner is attached to at least 50% of the handle antyway.

The crisp snap when it opens........Music to my ears!!!!!

Other more expensive knives don't possess such a loud snap.
Again, very intimidating.

My only complaint to note is that it came with a slight side to side blade wiggle which I posted on when I first received it.
I never have got the chance to tighten it even though it still bothers me.
This appears to be a isolated case according to most other CS forumite fans.

This knife has a slightly cheap feel to it when you first handle it (unopened), but once you snap it open and start cutting it sure feels nice and mean.

Bottom line is that this is not your average "cut anything" pocket knife.

If the above mentioned features are what you are looking for, then I say "Go For It".

--The Raptor--

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thanks for taking the time to info me on this knife. it has intrigued me for a long time.
Raptor, you said it felt cheap to you when you first handled it when closed. Same reaction, but when I snapped it open, it felt a little (well... a lot) less cheap. In general, I see Zytel handles as a cheap thing, and the Scimitar's handle is Zytel. It isn't until you open it and see the titanium liner and nice blade that you think twice about it being cheap.

It is now serving my friend very well, and he hasn't reported a single problem. He isn't too picky about his knives, but if something goes wrong, he will usually tell me about it and see if I can get it fixed up.


Chang and the Rebels of the East
(Southern Taiwan Shall Rise Again!)
It's one of the few linerlocks I'd trust for street defense duty, especially if I was limited to 4" class folders.

It has two advantages: the lock swings WAY over the blade tang metal, it's one of the "longest travel" linerlocks I've ever seen. You'd have to push it a long way to accidentally release it.

Second, because of that upswept tip, when you stab the force on the blade is driven back up against the blade's spine versus down onto the lock. So even with a total lock failure, your odds of screwing up your fingers on a hard-target stab are fairly low.

It's one of the best defensive folders in it's price/size range. You have to get up into REKAT Carnivore or BM Axis territory to beat it in quality, and those are up past $100.

In my opinion, while it's a bit more money, the Scimitar is a better knife than the CRKT KFF. Better steel, a bit more blade length, much better lock strength *before* the CRKT LAWKS system is manually tripped and I'm not convinced you'd have time to trip a LAWKS in some street situations. I think the LAWKS is a poor idea in a defensive blade because it's something extra to think about at a time when splitting your concentration even in the slightest is to be avoided at all costs. You want a folder that's a "single stage" "flick it open" and then you must be able to trust it. The Scimitar meets that test, the Spyderco Goddard Light does, the Cold Steel 5" and 6" class oyager/Vaquero/Gunsite lockbacks do, everything REKAT makes does.

The majority of linerlocks, in my opinion, do not.

Just my opinions.

What Glockman said, but to a lesser degree. I've carried a Cold Steel Voyager for years with zero problems. As to the Zytel handles, I like the fact I can drop them on a cement or tike floor and not have to worry about breakage. Cold Steel makes nice knives in my opinion.
I thought that I was being a little too critical about the feeling (when closed). It appears that you agree.
It feels real good when open.
Kinda' a pistol grip feeling.

Jim M.,
I couldn't agree with you more regarding the liner lock-up on this knife......Superb.

As I stated before, I purchased this for a defensive purpose, and I believe that this knife would perform well if called upon as well as any quality folder could be expected.
Maybe I could even expect to retain a finger or too.

--The Raptor--

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I got one when they first came out. It was very sharp out of the box and I thought the best thing about it after the way cool look was the liner lock. I think it's probably the best designed liner out there - that titanium tab blocks the whole width of the blade and doesn't depend on properly ground angles to lock. The handle is also very ergonomic. With all the good things about this knife I still don't carry it often. Why? It's just too damn big! I really hope CS comes out with the rumored 3 inch version - I'd definitely get one and would probably carry it a lot more.
The CS also felt light and cheap to me, but after awhile I realized it was from the,(hollowness), of the handles, so I got some #12 lead shot and some epoxy and lightly filled the hollow spots on both sides of the handles, and there is alot! of space to thicken up to balance it up and to stop that strange feeling when opening it. Ironhorse
I m very satisfied with mine, serrated,

carries it not to often, but always when the Sifu or the Vaquero Grande seems to long and my favorite Böker/Brend seems to less.

Zytel may not be ideal but the shape of the grip is the best in this world !!!!!!!

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