CS Tai Pan VS Applegate ?

Jul 7, 2000
How does Tai Pan compare to the Applegate? Balance, feel, and quality wise?? I have the Boker Applegate, Like every thing about it except the handle is little slipery sometimes. Thanks for the input
Sharp Edge, try actualy grabbing the applegate like you were going to stab something very hard like you mean to kill it with the AF. Bet those grooves no longer slippery.

CS tai pan I have no experience with, but I have a boker AF and can say without hesitation it wil do its intended job well. CS product? Will be strong and sharp and a good value, but the sheath will be funny. Also, the kraton will tear wet soft skin with repeated use (training??) The lexan will not and the grooves will work even better with wet softened hands. Col. Applegate did design it based on his own experience