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CS Trailmaster or Marble's Trailmaker

Mar 22, 1999
I'm considering purchasing a large Bowie knife to add to my collection here soon, and have narrowed it down to these 2 choices. The Marble's Trailmaker is a 10 1/4" long, 5160 steel blade and stag handle for $135 and the CS Trailmaster is a 9 1/2" Carbon 5 blade and kraton handle for about $150. How suited are either of these as choppers and which would hold an edge longer?

I bought the 7" Trailmaker a few weeks ago,I picked the 7 incher because I wanted to be able to sit down with the knife on. Nice heft, good fit and finish, very nice Stag handle. It holds an edge well and sharpens up like a razor.

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Depends on what you've got in mind as to use.
If spliting wood is one of the items on your agenda then you want the CS. If slicing whetever or clearing trails then the Gladstone, Mich. product is your answer. The Cold Steel is tougher but the TG has better (read finer) edge.