CS Trailmaster San Mai III or Busse Basic #9

I am not sure where I read it, but I think the the San Mai is AUS8 on the inside and 420J on the outside.
Originally posted by Tennessee:
Cougar - San Mai blade is made up of a center piece that is hard high carbon sandwitched between two low carbon, tough side panel.With the low carbon, that's the reason for the "Anti-corrosion" effect. The Hight carbon in the center made the blade ver strong. With the length of TrailMaster, indeed you can feel the toughness when you hold it.

James - I respect you opinion on the two blades. I never held the Battle Mistress before but I can imagine the goodness in it. My opinion is that I trust the Japanese blade making technique a lot, San Mai laminating method is been used by the Japanese. There bound to be a good reason why they used this technique.So it's like I closed both my eyes and grab the blade, knowing that it will serve me well. I bet others who had owned them before will think likewise.

One thing for sure, San Mai III blades are "25% stronger the the incredibly tough AUS 8A Stainless"

I have already purchased it. Simply the best so far in my collection. But I will be opening up to more opinion. Maybe the Battle Mistress will be my next blade,I've got to check with my retailer.