CS triple action?

Charlie Mike

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Nov 1, 2000
I'm about to throw down 150 (im ordering from the special projects catalog) for a tiple action double edge. If anybody has had experience with one, tell me what you think of it. Does it lock solid. Is the balance nice? And should I try IWB carry or use a 9mm mag pouch?

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before you send money to them look around at some online stores the prices are usually much better i was actually shocked at the difference in price buying online as compared to their catalog prices. as for the triple action i do not know a lot about it but i know you will probobly be able to get it at substantial savings at another store.
check out one stop knife shop i just checked and they sell it for $120.99 i mean 30 bucks is 30 bucks and their shipping charges are less too

I got my CS TAF and it is quite a blade. It took me a few days to get the opening down but now it swings like a bali. It does loosen up from its OTB stiffness. Makes a great fist packer too!

See you in hell, Liquid. That takes care of the cremation.