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CS Vaquero Grande

Feb 22, 1999
I've been considering the purchase of a CS Vaquero Grande. I'm looking for a large folder with a powerful lock.

We've prolly all seen the claims CS makes in their catalogs and videos (strapping 100lbs to a blade while it's in a vise, stabbing a car door) Do the Vaquero Grandes (and i guess CS folders in general) live up to all the hype?

Grande owners, do you find the size of the folder somewhat restrictive when clipped in a pocket? My usual carry knife is a BM Eclipse, so I'm sure this blade would take a little getting used to. The price is relatively reasonable, so I'm tempted to try it, and dump it on someone else if it's not my cup of tea.

Anyone suggest an alternative large folder?

I have one of these pups. First of all though it is big, it is pretty light. The action wasn't stiff at all when I got it so deploying the blade is very easy. You can flick it open, too which surprised me for a lock back. The blade cuts like a little pocket saw. Living in Alaska, it isn't difficult for me to carry it and I have the kydex (plastic) sheath model. I heard that they put the pocket clips on them when people would try to pull the knife out and the kydex sheath came out with it. I haven't had that problem though I think the sheath is a piece of S**t.

I like this knife. Last week while walking on the beach I came across some 1" nylon line that was frozena gainst a piece of timber that washed up on the shore. I had the VG and my large Sebenza and I decided to see which cut better. Though, I love my 'Benza, I have to admit it was no match slicing through the rope. The VG cut through the line like butter and it took several swipes with the Large Sebenza. I know this is a limied test but I'm just reporting what happen. Those serrations cut very well. I'm not looking forward to resharpening this knife and Cold Steel will not resharpen it for me. If you don't want to spend the time touching the blade up maybe you should consider something else like a Voyager or one of their Gunsites.

To me, this is a great camping, woods, hiking, ranch type knife. The price is very reasonable, the blade is very strong. I dropped the knife on the rocky beach from about 6 feet and it didn't do a thing to the blade and if fell directly against the rocks. The blade locks up very well and there is no wobble.

Can't beat it for a $60 knife. Just remember, it's a big knife so if the LEO stops you, just tell him it's your new bagel knife.


If you do a search on vaquero grande, I think you'll find some pretty good posts. There are quite a few of us who own this big muther of a folder. I really like mine, but haven't figured out where it fits in my daily use situation. I have the El Hombre in my car because it fits my hand better (to me it's just a smaller version of the vaquero grande).

You should be able to find a VG at a pretty good discount from several different sources. I believe SMKW had them pretty cheap (under $40) recently - oops - I just checked www.smkwknife.com and they're working on their web site. Hope the posts help you decide.
For the money, the VG is a pretty nice peice. For a while the old style vrsion wasavailable at a cut rate, around $35 or so, the 5" version (old style) is still available for around $30...

The new style knives have a clip on them. I attached a clip to my old style one and I have had no problem packing it around in my jeans. My dress pants are a little less condusive to pocket carry, but I find that it packs well IWB behind my right hip. Wether in my pocket or IWB I never find it uncomfortable to carry. I carry it daile, and since only about 7/8" sticks out of my pocket, it does not raise alarms among the sheeple. At first it feels awkward in the hand, but with some practice it becomes more familiar. I use mine for most everything (well, until I git my Cetan

My only Gripe isthe d**n serrations are a pain to co-exist with. I took the drqastic step and re-ground the edge with a serration pattern more suitable for sharpening, etc.

The lock is pretty darn strong. I have smacked it pretty hard and it has not loosened up. I have also practiced thousands of "High speed presentations" withou any subsequent damage. It is a good knife for the money overall, and once you go big, you will never want to go back...somehow I feel inadequate with a 4" knife now.


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I've got the 5" LV model, as opposed to the VG which I believe is 6", and like it a lot. Mine doesn't have a clip and came with a sheath.
One of them is on sale at Smokey Mountain Knife Works right now for $29.95 - good deal if you're looking for one.
I don't have a VG but do have the Gunsite Voyager and can tell you this knife is large, tough and light. CS make a quality knife for the money and the locks are VERY strong ..

Thanks for all the input... Looks like I've managed to rationalize the purchase of another #@$^#!$ knife

I noticed the gunsite folder was mentioned as well. I have an MA instructor who owns one of these.. Very nice blade. I will be picking that one up for my dad

I have a Vaquero Grande and I like it. I carry it occasionally, usually without the plastic clip-on sheath. I just stick the monster in my back pocket, pivot down. It can ride in a front pocket as well, if you wear loose-fitting pants. It's surprisingly portable for such a large knife.

I have never used mine to cut anything, so I can't give you a performance analysis. Next time I cut up a pineapple, I plan to use the V.G. I carry it when I'm out pulling the kids around the neighborhood in a wagon. There are a lot of big dogs where I live. If I ever have to go mano a mano with a rottweiler, the VG would be my tool of preference (since I don't own a Mad Dog Attak). I paid $42 for mine, and I think it was worth it.

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