CS Voyager Tanto and Gunsite

Mar 19, 2001
I'm likely to purchase one of these two, soon.

What's the difference between the 5" 1/2 serrated Voyager Tanto and the 5" Gunsite? Could you give me a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages between the two?

Also, if I pick the Voyager, I'm still undecided between 1/2 serrated and fully serrated. Which do you prefer, and why? Thanks in advance.


Jan 31, 2001
difference is gunsite has thumb grooves cut in back of the blade and handle shaped a little different- mine is 1/2 serrated, and IMHO a lot of knife for the $$ - paid about $50 and had about a year - i liked the gunsite better, has the logo on the blade - hey i like cooper. though he has little to do w/it these days so i hear - i would get it instead of the voyager - just neater and only a little higher - i like the 1/2 serrated blade just seems handier - i dont like full serrated blades - just a personal thing, the regular edege has been sharpened many times w/out sharpening the serrated so go figure - just my .02 worth



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Jun 12, 2000
Although the same size Gunsite does cost more than the Voyager, I'd buy the Gunsite, as they are more of a "custom" knife. (I have a bunch of 'em.). The handles of both ARE the SAME, (as long as you compare new-style to new-style, and old-style to old-style). There is a bevel on the spine of the Gunsites' blade, and "jimping" (filework) on the Gunsite for your thumb to rest on. (It's a shame that the Gunsite models aren't offered with a plain-edge, 'tho...).

I guess it boils down to if you want serrations, buy either one, but if you DON'T want serrations, you are "stuck" with a Voyager.

Dann Fassnacht
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Feb 13, 2001
Hey there Evolute,

If you want the knive to use for utility type uses as well as defense, 1/2 serrated is the way to go IMO. Lynn Thompson in the current issue of Black Belt mag makes a strong case for the fully serrated knife blade if the folder is to be used for ONLY defense. Lansky is making a new crock stick specifically for Cold Steel serrations, so these serrations can now be sharpened.
I just got a 5" tanto plain blade Voyager off of another forumite, and MAN, is it sharp. You just have to decide what the use of the knife will be, and choose accordingly.

Jan 9, 1999
Well I own both and in my opinion the XLG Tanto is the better knife. I have the plain edge in the XLG tanto and is much easier to sharpen although I don't know why. Now if you really want to get a fine CS folder for both camping and hunting(in a pinch) and really excellant self defence tool get the XLG plain edge clip point. I have both the serrated and the plain edge. Either on is better than the two mention above, least ways I think so. The blade shape is more of utilitarian type but also the classic American fighting pattern. Just my 2c. Keep'em sharp
Aug 15, 2000
The biggest difference is; (VERY IMPORTANT)

The gunsite's spring is very strong. Buy the other one. The gunsite will be much stiffer to open and close.