CS Voyager

Mar 13, 1999
Has any one done a review on the CS Voyager series? Specifically the large serrated tanto. I would really like other's opinions on this knife.
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I don't own one, but a friend of mine has the large tanto (or maybe the medium). In any case, it is finished nicely and has great lockup. His is the plain edge, which I always recommend. I haven't used the knife at all myself, but out of several other knives (Benchmade CQC-7, etc), it is his favorite. I think it would be tough to beat for the price.

I personally don't buy Cold Steel serrations, but I do like the Voyager series. I have four of them, clip and tanto points, each in 3" and 4" blades (plain).
The locks are very solid, and blades are razor sharp, especially the clip points, which, though thinner (i.e., a little less tip strength), make better all-around utility tools.
One thing I would improve about them is the plastic molded-on pocket clips. They work, but molded clips are fragile, and the way these clips are designed, look ugly.
Other than that, if you want a good, solid lockback knife, at a light weight, you can't go wrong with the Voyagers.
I like Cold Steel knives. I like the CS Serations too.

Last night I was cooking up some steak fajitas and needd to cut the thick steaks into little strips. The kitchen knives were not doing a good job. Out came the CS Vaquero. (Same serations as the Voyager) The Vaquero sliced through those steaks so easily that it was FUN! My wife wanted to try it, and she took over!
I was having fun!
CS makes one heck of a useable knife!

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

For the $$ you can't be the Voyager series If you're looking for a knife to use and use hard and aren't afraid to make it into a beater this is the folder that can do it.

The Voyager series has a nice lock up, very sharp, easy to resharpen. Also I have had no problems touching up the serrations on my tanto with my Spyderco Sharpmaker.

Good knives for the money.


Hey James,

Spoke with one of the guys at the Cold Steel booth in Atlanta during the Blade Show and he informed me that sometime this fall CS would be going to metal pocket clips on all the Voyager Series knives. I asked him whether they would be reversible. He stated that at this time that was not part of the plan. So any of you left-handers out there who love Voyagers need to give CS your $0.02 worth.

That sounds good! Even if the clips aren't reversible yet, at least it is a start. I always felt that the plastic clips were the weak point on otherwise excellent knives. Especially on a knife you might take in the outdoors, and the plastic clips do loosen over time.
You guys who love em, take note:

I used a 4" clip point to split a piece of 1x6 into kindling one afternoon, you know how it goes when beer and time synergize, nice lock-up, those lock up tight. Anyone want the two I have used slightly but not abused? $50 for the pair, both serrated.

My personal favorite cold steel folder is the serrated "el hombre". I have the small tanto voyager and it looks cool but I can't find any usefulness out of the tanto style. The Gunsite II is nice too- IMO better than the large Gunsite which just feels too big.
I'll have to second the El Hombre comment. Great knife. Mine's with me everywhere I go. The blade design is one of the best I've seen for cutting. I'd like to play with a plain-edged version. These things actually throw decently, believe it or not. And they look fairly intimidating...
Thanks for the replies everyone. I am currently in Europe in support of our actions in Kosovo and my wife sent me one for my B-day. Seems like a greate knife, I just wanted a few more opinions before I start abusing it!
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I own 6 voyagers and I love them all with the exception of one minor problem. The CS serrations. I have a problem with the fact that with even med.-heavy use the small teeth break off. Doesn't overtly affect overall performance, but I have my druthers and I would druther my serrations stay on the blade and not chip off. The plain edge voyagers are a very fine product, easy to sharpen, STRONG locks and real workhorses. If you are as persnickity about the teeth on the serrations as I am, stick with the plain edges.
BTW one of my large tantos is fully serrated and I also have a Gunsite w/half serrations. The rest are plain edged.
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I've packed a 4 inch (large) Voyageur clip (plain edge) for two or three years now, no problems with the plastic clip at all. Holds a good edge, tho' not as good as the Carbon V on the Twistmaster. Also have a 4 inch tanto for Sunday dress carry. I just wish CS could make a Voyageur with a Carbon V blade. I carried a Case sliplock (carbon steel) for years until it was stolen; no problem with rust.
I just purchased the five-inch CS Gunsite from wholesalehunter.com (lowest prices anywhere), and I love it.

Everything I thought would be good about the knife is. The blade is of course top-notch. The fifty/fifty serrated blade is very usefull, and the serrations very effective. The length of the knife was at first awkward, but now I carry it without noticing its presence. It does small and large jobs great, and takes an incredible edge (came with one too). No complaints about the tanto style blade, but I don't see much advantage over clip either except for the untested tip strength.

The points of the knife that I thought would be week spots were not, thankfully. First, the Zytel handle is plenty rigid--no flexing at all (then again, this is a large knife, so the smaller ones may not be as rigid). Also, I have not been able to make the lockback mechanism fail. The plastic pocket clip was the biggest surprise: It is great. It is much more incospicuous than a steel clip and is designed very well. Unlike the above comment, it looks very sleek and is much tougher than any other non-metal clip I have seen.

Unfortunately, the knife came very tight. I have had it for a couple of weeks and it took almost that much time for "flicking open" the blade via thumbstud. It is okay now, but will be better in a couple more weeks. Other than that, it does feel smooth with a definate, crisp lockup.

My friend has a BM AFCK which I always loved and borrowed just for playing with. I have to say that I'de rather have the Gunsite than the AFCK even though it might not be as cool. It's as good a tool, costs less ($48 for my gunsite after much hunting), and is in my opinion a better weapon.
I think CS Voyagers are excellent knives for the money (when bought at a discount). They have strong and reliable locks.

I will buy a CS Voyager Large plain Clip someday. I hope by that time CS will have steel clips for leftys.

Old CS Vaqueros (clipless and without jimping) are now selling at around US$35 at www.ebay.com.

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Big Tim, I have a Gunsite and to make it open easier you must use a small dremel and smooth down the first speed bump;being careful not to damage the zytel handle. A gunsmith friend of mine did it for me and it is easier to open now with the speed bump smoothed and flattened somewhat. I can carry the Gunsite in my right rear pocket with no problem even though it is a big knife. What you have here is a small sword which in a self defense mode would be good for slashing, then running!